Rekola Brewery, Rekola Brewery

est.2012, is a craft brewery in southern Finland.

People are different, prefer different types of foods, beverages and flavours,
therefore we produce slightly different beers.


Call Jari: +358 40 938 1411
email: info (at)
address: Peltorivi 7, 10470 Fiskars, Finland

We will be happy to help you to get to know our beers!


Katajan Kuiske

  • Katajan Kuiske 6,3% – rye juniper beer, our tribute to traditional Finnish beer
  • Metsän Henki 4,5% – spruce shoot ale, brown-reddish ale with a hint of Nordic forest
  • Kesäkolli 4,3% – ginger wit beer, easy to drink refreshing wheat with plenty of fresh ginger!
  • Munkintie 6,7% – dubbel, darkish, bit on a sweet side, still balanced and excellent with aged cheeses
  • Amerikan Serkku 4,5% – APA with hint of citrus from American hops
  • Amerikan Eno 5,6% – IPA with plenty of American hops
  • Kaksi Kotia 5,3% – Belgian-ipa hybrid with sea buckthorn berries
  • Sahti 7,8% – traditional Finnish Sahti

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