Rekola Brewery, Rekola Brewery

est.2012, is a craft brewery in southern Finland.

People are different, prefer different types of foods, beverages and flavours,
therefore we produce slightly different beers.


Call Jari: +358 40 938 1411
email: info (at)

Beers:Katajan Kuiske

  • Katajan Kuiske 6,3% – rye juniper beer, our tribute to traditional Finnish beer
  • Metsän Henki 4,5% – spruce shoot ale, brown-reddish ale with a hint of Nordic forest
  • Kesäkolli 4,3% – ginger wit beer, easy to drink refreshing wheat with plenty of fresh ginger!
  • Munkintie 6,7% – dubbel, darkish, bit on a sweet side, still balanced and excellent with aged cheeses
  • Amerikan Serkku 4,5% – APA with hint of citrus from American hops
  • Amerikan Eno 5,6% – IPA with plenty American hops
  • Kaksi Kotia 5,3% – Belgian-ipa hybrid with sea buckthorn berries

More information about our beers and packaging.



What’s happening now in Rekola Brewery:

October 2013 update:

We are moving!
Our premises got small, so need to move. Our new premises are located at beautiful Fiskars village. Actual move is to happen jan-feb 2014.
But do not worry, all beers are available all the time.

July 2013 update:

New double batch tanks are full of beer along with the old tanks. Batch number 33 done. Exciting times ahead since we will take part on few upcoming beer fests with some new beers.

We did a collaboration brew with Hiisi Panimo.. and boy, it was fun. Creation is called Kaksi Kotia (Two Homes) and it is a weird belgian-IPA with sea buckthorn  :-)
Can’t wait to do more of these!

There is still many things to learn and get better at, but all and all it has been a wonderful first year in the world of brewing. Cheers!

May 2013 update:

New tanks arriving soon. Those will double our capacity. Maybe after that we’ll be able to sell to broader customer base. Also plans are being made to launch a new beer by the end of summer.

We got our Munkintie (The way of the Monk  :-)) for sale to Finnish national alcohol monopoly. It is currently on shelves of about 70 Alko’s stores. Great!

All is going well. We got some helping hands for the summer, which are really needed. Looking forward the hot summer! See you at SOPP Helsinki in July!

February update (17.2.2013):

We have reached batch #17. Still struggling to keep up with the demand. Feels like every month we have sold out some of our beers before new batch matures.

Working on a deal with the national alcohol monopoly, to get at least one of our stronger beers to their shelves.

Other that that, it seems everyday life at the brewery is getting smoother.. Washing, brewing, ditributing, washing and same from the start. Not complaining, it is exactly how it should go, not too much hassle with the equipment or anything else. knock knock.

It would be great to brew some new beers, but since the tank capacity is what it is, we are bound to these four… at the moment  ;-)

Cheers! – Jari

November update (19.11.2012):

Beers are doing well and batches #8, #9 & #10 are fermenting. Our stronger Munkintie 6,7% has done well in Finnish media & social media reviews, but because of our law and monopoly on alcohol, it is really hard to get to the people. It can only be sold in restaurants & bars at the moment.

Issues with the labelling machine and most of the issues with the filler are fixed. We have had some trouble with the tanks: broken thermostat & ripped wall, but those are fixed too.

Now is time to focus on brewing our winter beers and spread the tasty message!

Early September update (7.9.2012):

Just got back from the K-Citymarket, the first ever store to sell our beers in bottles. Filled five shelves with our spruce-shoot-ale and ginger-wheatbeer.

Have had some issues with the filler and labeling machine, but finally some beers are in stores. New batch of Amerikan Serkku (American Cousine) is bubbling away nicely and one new beer is fermenting too.

Happy days!

Beer fest update (1.8.2012):

We took part in Suuret Oluet Pienet Panimot, Big beers small breweries – festival last weekend. It was the biggest beer fest in Finland this year and we were happy to make our deput there. Maintream media covered the event and we as a newest brewery got our share too.

Beers that were on tap were
Kesäkolli: Wheat beer with plenty of fresh ginger in it and
Amerikan Serkku, mild ale with american hops.
Got good feedback from the customers right away. Both were perfect for the hot summer days of the festival!

So, the first two beers are ready for sale and bottling machine should be running within next weeks. Cheers!

Latest summer update (17.7.2012):

Tears of joy and relief. First brews are done! We managed to fill the last of our conditioning tanks yesterday and now we wait fingers crossed that everything goes well.

Labeling machine is installed and tested, labels are ready and in two weeks the bottling machine will over go some serious repairs and tuning. We should be able to bottle the first batches in early August.

Can’t wait to see our bottles with funky labels in shops! :)

Spring & early summer update:

Brew house equipment is tested and ready to go. Tanks are ready, same as cooling system for the unitanks. Few fittings needs to be sorted out and then the first ever Rekolan Panimo batch is on.

We also got the licences last week! We’re officially ready to brew. Maybe week 25…

Check out the pictures from our blog.

Cheers Mates!  ;-)