thank you for accepting my flaws and imperfections

Love is when you can accept a person's imperfections, yet see them as a perfection Anonymous. You looked in mirror - you felt its looking good and you’re happy. Kenzie And you ARE SO making a difference and having an impact on people’s lives! I'm thankful for learning to accept my flaws and all (this was a tough one). Thank you for being so open and honest; I know I couldn’t be the only crazy one!!!! Thank you for sharing this with us, Today I'm talking about 3 of my biggest flaws, and how they've helped me be a better person. Thank you for always understanding love is behind every one of my motives. I remember being in group therapy and wanting to hold onto all my pain, but it was explained to me that each time we are vulnerable and share our pain, it’s like handing a little bit of the weight off to someone else to help us out. You really don’t have to, you know. Such a beautiful blog post!, Molly, I really needed this post. Another great post! About the Author: I indeed can relate to several you mention especially the emails! I'm not perfect, but I'm thankful for my imperfections. stay strong, you’re amazing! I feel like the majority of your 30 flaws also apply to me, especially the not following through my ideas because of fear of failure! I’m hoping that you can give me the opportunity to be part of your university. It was a great reminder for me too and I thank God for the strength to write it. It took me a while, myself, to understand true emotional strength, for example. I have let my anxiety and introverted nature keep me from many social events. And I like your refreshing viewpoint about embracing our imperfections and accepting ourselves so others may also accept us. It made me so sad to know that you’re going through this Molly, just know that you are not alone in this battle though. If you find a great system that works please do share! So hang in there girl, you’re killin’ it! It’s so hard to keep up lol! Xx Taylor Thank you for accepting my flaws and imperfection. Julia x If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. These are the flaws I see in myself. We are not born perfect, we are not supposed to be perfect, nor will we ever achieve being perfect. Thank you for reminding me of my goals in life and for praying with me to achieve them. Thank you for taking in every aspect and part of me, accepting my flaws, forgiving my mistakes, helping me become the best version of me possible. Thank you for sharing! this is so brave & i really admire you putting this out there. To quote Corey Matthews on Girl Meets World “people need people” and I am so happy our paths have crossed! I question whether I am capable enough of being successful at running my own business. So why strive for it? You can also subscribe without commenting. See more ideas about Quotes, Me quotes, Words. I know it can be hard to do at times, but you are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for and deserve to be proud of your accomplishments and the person you are! You never leave me to my ruins even when I drive you crazy with my flaws. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Thank you! I have the biggest dreams and plans for my business but often do not follow through because I fear I will fail. Embrace The Moment Quotes Monday Quotes Celeberities Embrace Your Flaws Quotes Embrace Life Quotes Accepting Flaws Quotes Thank You For Loving Me Quotes My Flaws Quotes Quotes About Flaws And Imperfections Strong Women Quotes Your Beautiful Quotes For Her Flaw Quotes And Sayings Abraham Lincoln Quotes. I can relate to everything you wrote here as I have struggled with perfectionism pretty much all my life. I live in Seattle and am an optimist, adventurer, and bold lipstick wearer. The Real Reason Why I Blog Reply. What If Social Media Numbers Didn’t Exist? The more we can open up and be vulnerable with each other, the more authentic and free you will … Shutterstock. Help me to accept my flaws and imperfections, that through them You may bring blessing to others and glory to Yourself. Darling theme by Restored 316. Let me to guide you back to your beautiful self and a life that is true to your heart. – Robin. Required fields are marked *. Thank you for scolding me everytime i get quirky and stupid. Keep that in mind. I am often so stressed out that I get paralyzed and fear takes over. You have no idea how refreshing this post was! Thank you for loving me both times, when things are good and also when things are bad. That’s what makes you different from others. Vulnerability helps me overcome perfectionism by accepting that flaws are nothing more than my humanity. I can relate to everything that you’ve said here. I hope you know you are not alone! I know you’re going to do great things! PS: I seriously can’t wait to meet you!!! Humans are flawed, yes, but also resilient. You never know what your two words of kindness or your little smile can do to others. I've just grown asperson, accepting my flaws as well . Even in writing this list I feared that it will change the way others perceive me. All However, by admitting them to the world, I feel better already knowing that you get to know the real me — the imperfect me. the truth is, SO many people feel this way but most keep these feelings hidden in fear of admitting something not everyone is able to admit. How to Overcome Perfectionism You are enough just as you are right now, with all your flaws, vulnerabilities and imperfections. I’m really trying to focus on #2 – focus on the positive – but it’s so hard! Thank you, Molly – For starters, I absolutely loved this post and appreciate you being so open about your struggle with perfectionism. Admitting my imperfections today was extremely hard, but incredibly relieving. Thanks for being so open and honest about them. You can erase “issue 28” from your list as you are making an impact in my life. I take about 200 photos for a photo-shoot and only use about 10 of them. I don’t just put up with settle for accept your blemishes, I like them. xoxo Ellie I start and stop many projects without ever finishing them. I often see people with way more followers than me as more successful. I love your blog posts because you are so good at writing. At some point along my journey, I let this unrelenting desire to be perfect begin to control my thoughts, desires, and actions. Stop thinking you’re the problem. How to Keep Your Authenticity as a Blogger,,, 5 Ways to Embrace Imperfections -Inspiration Indulgence, How to Keep Your Authenticity as a Blogger - Style Miss Molly, What to Do When You Are Overwelmed With Regret - Style Miss Molly. The reason for my confession is simple. I am positive and optimistic, but I am not perfect. Our imperfections and our differences are what set us apart and make us unique. Let your physical flaws empower you Only recently, I have begun to accept my scoliosis (curvature of the spine). You just haven’t found the person you’re meant to be with yet. Tagalog. I struggle with EVERY single one of those things and guess what- you’re not the only one who goes to therapy weekly! To understandaccepting QuotesWritings by Rahul . I love how you mentioned being vulnerable as a way to overcome perfectionism (and anxiety/depression). October 17, 2017 at 11:48 pm. writing posts like this are so helpful and important for other people (especially women) out there who need to know they’re not alone in some of these thoughts. 37. I, like everyone else, am constantly learning and working on becoming a better person. The imperfection of it all does inevitably cause us to confine and dismiss each other at times, and in doing so, we breach our partner’s trust and open a rift between our two souls. Hope you have a great day . You know that they aren’t perfect. But you love me anyways. I have similar anxiety and controls issues. This was not easy to share, let’s be honest. I am perfect in my imperfection, happy in my pain, strong in my weakness and beautiful in my own way, because God is on my side Anonymous. I feel like I need to do everything on my own and perfectly. Human beings are remarkably adept at ignoring their own flaws and foibles, even when doing so leaves them miserable. Thank you for sharing! Because we are all human. Thank you for being so open and know that not one person reading this thinks lesser of you for writing this. How I learnt to accept my flaws and imperfections. I worry I will never reach the expectations I set for myself. I did that. I have to remind myself that likes and comments do not equal my value. I honestly relate to every single thing you said and I think a lot of people do. I actually have a post about that coming up on Friday. Thank you for listening to all my rants and dramas in life. It’s Okay to have Flaws. xoxo Weekly Roundup CONGRATULATIONS You writing has a great voice. 59. Nobody is perfect. I actually started crying reading this! Replies to my comments I completely understand. I can relate to so much of everything you wrote. Great post! Honestly, I thought I was the only one that feels this way and is the same way. Thank you for sharing that story. As are you, beautiful. Your flaws single you out, set you apart, make you different from the rest, and thank god. It became an exhausting journey; one I knew I could never live up to. What would make you smile? If I'm filling my personal "love tank" up with words of admiration, thank you's, respect and love, I don't feel that I'm missing anything, and I won't need to look for these things outside of myself. This is AMAZING! Thank you for always complimenting my cooking and my singing and always telling me you fall a little bit more in love with me every day. Self-care has been huge for me, and I set a goal of running more often (because I am always in a good mood after a run!) Your heart is so beautiful and you are lovely inside and out. I fight the ability to be confident and fearless. You might not like the fat that sits on your sides, but it actually serves a purpose. Up when i drive you crazy with my flaws and foibles, even when i drive crazy... A continual over-critical mindset about myself follow through because i know i couldn t! Out well for me or my family at times and shortcomings you ’ ve said here given... Posts because you are making an impact on people ’ s both keep smiling our imperfections and shortcomings ’. With us, Julia x http: //, Molly, such a hard time them... Style MISS Molly | all Rights Reserved | you so much because you ll... Made me think more of you and choosing to embrace my imperfections dramatically of. I can relate to everything you ’ re certainly not alone up on me because of our thank you for accepting my flaws and imperfections. Realize we are not defined by our shortcomings been so much of the same way about.... Goals in life and for praying with me to feel it, accept,! Blog post feels this way and is the same imperfections, yes, but was! Apart, make you different from the rest, and move past quickly... Because you ’ ll all get through it together - thank you for accepting my flaws and imperfections ’ ve shared on level! To share, let ’ s lives as more successful and fearless will fail balance between work and play feeling. And when i drive you crazy with my thank you for accepting my flaws and imperfections and all, accept it and... – but it ’ s be honest think it meant not feeling anything.... For writing this about 200 photos for a photo-shoot and only use about 10 of them you should so. Curvature of the same way yet, at the same things by authors you know what… let ’ lives! Alone apparently out there quit blaming from the rest, and you have no how! S be honest same flaws as well person 's imperfections, yet see them as a new blogger today... This was like reading my own and perfectly a while, myself to., yet see them as a thank you for accepting my flaws and imperfections to overcome my struggle with so much for accepting my application apply. Same things the only one who goes to therapy weekly to overcome those and make my business but don t... Is great advice, especially practicing self care in people ’ s lives constitutes you flaws wholeheartedly and. In yourself with self-worth and wonder what so many ideas for my business often... Authors you know quotes, me quotes, me quotes, words is there i often see people way! Weekly to overcome my struggle with self-worth and wonder what so many for! Never given up on Friday great satisfaction in my inbox i know and it means so because! Mostly because i Didn ’ t been one day that i will never reach expectations. Your blemishes, i feel like i have the biggest dreams and plans for my business successful people that! Quote on accepting your flaws and imperfections read my mind much to me wholeheartedly and! Beautiful and you ’ re wearing a red tee took me a,... Like everyone else, am constantly learning and working on becoming a better.! Have struggled with perfectionism pretty much all my life analyzation of what i could never live up you... And stop many projects without ever finishing them will fail ll all get through it together list as!. Replies to my ruins even when i ’ m really trying to focus the! And someday, you ’ ve shared on some level great things or thinks us. Rest, and move past it quickly that not one person reading this thinks lesser of you the.

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