eyebuydirect progressive lenses review

For prescription sunglasses, distance lenses begin at $20 and multifocal lenses are available from $109. We all try on lots of different styles. Do you agree with Eyebuydirect’s star rating? Prom season is here, and you deserve to look and feel amazing for your big party! …until now. Thank you. For the wide range of smaller frame sizes. I will only be shopping hear from now on. Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews. Former customer, i was impressed. Shop local so that you can see what you are getting. Do you agree with Eyebuydirect’s star rating? I LOVE how easy it is to navigate the website to find what I'm looking for. We were delighted to see how many customers loved their glasses and … The modern silhouette features lightweight acetate, a deep-cut nose bridge, and slim gold arms with flared acetate temple tips. I found very affordable prices and quality upgrades for my glasses without being robbed blind at the doctor's. Ugh, yay, I hope these glasses work out, but there is a return option if not :). Consumers satisfied with EyeBuyDirect most frequently mention great prices, customer service and new glasses. Do you agree with Eyebuydirect’s star rating? I love the dimensions add-on to the illustrations- very helpful feature. | Read 10,241-10,260 Reviews out of 11,040 The site was super easy to use and the frame styles were endless. Its prices are low and competitive, though the frames aren’t designer brand. How long does it normally take to receive a pair of progressive eyeglasses from order to ship date? I HOPE THE NEW ONES LAST LONGER BUT I AM SATIFIED WITH A 20 DOLLAR FRAME. Its own-brand frames look good, however, and the prices are keenly placed. The descriptions will indicate the materials they are made out of. My older was on hold for several days before I reached out. By moving some of the add power of the lens back to the front of the lens (as in older style progressive lenses) it improves the optics and reduces the compensations needed on the back surface of the lens. any issues? I do think the virtual trying on glasses with a picture needs some work (it'd be nice to have the ability to adjust the glasses area instead of having to start the picture process over). A giant squid would struggle with this many sub-tasks. Prioritize your shopping based on lens type and lens treatments that you desire. Lacking value ( the great wallet extraction), i avoid it like covid 19. For my first order, I chose EyeBuyDirect over other popular choices like Zenni Optical or $39 Dollar Glasses because after adding my prescription lens with a tint they were the cheapest choice. You guys also have a program where you help give underprivileged communities the ability to see and I love that. My wife has had good experience with EBD over several years and pairs of glasses. Ambr Eyewear Thank you again! I bought more glasses this time because it's Corona time and I need to treat myself. These were the first glasses my son had ever bought. How was it that I spent so much money on eyeglasses in brick and mortar stores until now and still walked away slightly dissatisfied with my choices? Why i still order from you? I have emailed the company multiple times and every time they reply with some generic apology and continue to stall. Does it mean they are bad people running a bad business? But they did respond quickly to my email and everything moved pretty quick after that! You can visit our website for more reviews www.eyebuydirect.com. As EyeBuyDirect’s go-to glasses guy, I often get asked to try out different products and share my feedback. I've bought from you before and I appreciate the quality. In a few strokes of our mouse we found a pair of frames that made us think “You know what, they’d do.” They cost $16. is 32.0/33.0. Thanks :). Bargains galore, at the expense of the feel-good factor or polish you might get elsewhere. Friendly and helpful telephone customer services. It’s tidy and it works, but getting from point A to point Buy is a rocky road. But it comes super-tight, which means the arms flexing are massively stressed. The signage is plain and a little dated, the range isn’t exactly what you came in for, but the prices. I will 100% buy all my glasses and RX sunglasses from here in the future. One suggestion is to have a check mark box that says apply prescription to all glasses on this order so we don't have to keep going back in to double check if the prescription was applied to each pair. Progressive lenses, in some cases called “no-line bifocals,” get rid of the noticeable lines of conventional bifocals and trifocals and hide the fact that you need reading glasses.. With progressive lenses, nobody needs to know whether you’re using glasses simply for style — or due to the fact that your arms have “grown too short” for you to see up close. I had my eyes examined by an ophthalmologist. I had a hard time to check out and had to try multiple times. Ordering progressive glasses online brings you affordable high-quality progressive lenses in 1000+ fashionable designs, so you can look swell and see well. We offer 12 months warranty on our frames and lenses. Thank you for signing up to Top Ten Reviews. EyeBuyDirect has a consumer rating of 4.69 stars from 126,564 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Plus the affordable price, chic selection, and discount codes were a pleasing discovery. Your website is excellent, very crisp looking, and easy to navigate. You guys do a great job stalking me on Facebook once I went to your site. The Ultimate Coronavirus Consumer Resource Guide: Avoid Scams and Shop Smarter, We’re in this together! FramesDirect I wish they had reached out to me to let me know. Check out what 11,078 people have written so far, and share your own experience. My mom and aunt recommended EyeBuyDirect to me. There isn’t the touchy-feely appeal of the newer start-ups, or the premium appeal of the high-end stores. I love my blended lenses and they do them for half the cost of other companies. If you're on the fence about these, get them! They've done neither. This is my experience with getting progressive lenses at the West Nashville Costco, purchased 23 Oct 2016. Wish you had a discount for medical first responders, as I only have one pair at this moment and cannot wear lenses while working with patients during the pandemic. Buy glasses online: the best place to buy glasses on the web Similarly, the first introduction of progressive lenses had the by-product of a dizzy, off-balance sensation. Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision, Target, and Sears Optical are owned by Essilor who own roughly 60 to 80% of all optical lenses on the market (including progressive lenses), Essilor also wholly owns the Varilux line of Progressive Lenses as well as Crizal, Transitions Lenses, and now own 51% of SHAMIR. Premium progressives are also available starting at $69. They have blue light protection and work like nothing else I've ever had before. There’s no doubt this is good value. EyeBuyDirect is the discount supermarket of the online eyewear world, and it makes our list of some of the best eyeglasses online, along with other vendors like Ambr Eyewear and Coastal. The only thing is the prices went up on transitional lens options along with other additional lens options and features. Now I have to ship these back and wait for a refund. Do you agree with Eyebuydirect's TrustScore? If you’re at all frugal there’s a lot here to enjoy. I can't wait for my glasses! The package clearly got lost in the mail, I get that and I am typically a reasonable person but any respectable merchant intent on providing good customer service in today's online marketplace would have owned up to the issue and offered a refund or have already shipped out a replacement product. The virtual try on of the glasses worked okay, but not perfectly, at least for him. It's hard to decide when having to flip back and forth between pop up screens. Q. Four Factors to Choosing Eyeglass Frames. We’re in this together! The quality of all of the classes are really great. The donated pairs of glasses to charity feels somewhat tacked on. Top Ten Reviews is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Do it now, and do it right or you’ll incur the wrath of the error message box. I recommend EBD to every single person who comments on my glasses... and that happens a LOT! You have to enter your prescription details manually, and ahead of time. They were totally unable to come up with a satisfactory replacement frame. EyeBuyDirect ranks 1st among Sunglasses sites. For example, with Zenni I was able to choose the 1.57 lenses (included in the base price of $13), whereas EyeBuyDirect forced me to pay $33 to upgrade my $12 frames to 1.67 lenses, for a … The Rx isn't very strong. Zenni Optical. The company has sent me two different tracking numbers for the same package. Online glasses sellers love their charitable donations. Buy A Pair Give A Pair is the gold standard and by far the most common scheme. However, it does mean there are probably better companies out there to give your business to who won't take so long to get you your glasses. Warby Parker Progressive lenses are an update on bifocal and trifocal lenses. Will more closely scrutinize future dealings with your company. This bold style is perfect for anyone who’s looking to effortlessly elevate their eyewear. Love how these look and was surprised by how well the construction of these glasses are overall. Picking out Frames and lenses at the local (vision store) is extremely expensive and I bought progressive office lenses. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, EyeBuyDirect is a big, budget box-shifter, and isn’t afraid to show it. I love the little packaged box it comes in and I actually love that they e-mail you to see if you received your order or not. In addition to the digital screen protection lenses, EyeBuyDirect offers Transitions®, single vision, bifocal and free-form progressive lenses. I usually use zenni. © Consumers satisfied with EyeBuyDirect most frequently mention great prices, customer service and new glasses. Hoping to receive these glasses soon. I’m very happy with my EyeBuyDirect purchases. Both of these more traditional types of glasses have telltale lines in the lenses. They looked more fashionable than other sites had for options. These $70 frames do not. The frame is a little weak, but its affordable and they match everything. I got two pairs of blue light blocking single correction frames and they are both so cute! In the absence of a home sample box, there’s the ubiquitous virtual try-on gadget that uses your webcam to scan your face and see what your frames look like in situ. NY 10036. Granted, I'm in Guam, but given that the USPS works here pretty much the same way it works in the states, no other retailer has any problem getting their packages to me in a timely manner. I purchased 2 pair if regular persecution glasses and 2 pair persecution sunglasses. In the PD section there is a box to check if there are two numbers. Quick Notes: Sub-$20 pricing – While a number of their frames/options get into higher price points, it’s possible to get a very basic pair of prescription glasses with lenses for under $10 plus shipping. Half-rimmed, but full of style, Star is an angular cat-eye frame that can't help being the center of attention. Try-On feature was great. My glasses came sooner than expected which I'm thrilled about since I ordered blue light lenses and I've been having migraines, so they were needed ASAP. It sucks because I’d really like to add transitions to some of my glasses (much needed) but the price has gone up quite a bit. One of the ways that EyeBuyDirect is undoubtedly saving you money is by not spending unnecessary piles of cash on their website. The above product is the “Olii” product, which is ok. If what you really wanted was the review with the pics, no need to fear. You will receive a verification email shortly. You can then shop around to find the best deal on frames that will accommodate your lens needs and meet your style preferences. Just food for thought. Lenscrafters Our company offers progressive lenses. It was so easy to place the order. Great coupon! Having selfies and reviews from previous purchasers makes my decision-making process that much easier, and I also love that on the page for each set of frames, there are recommendations for other similar ones to help me find exactly what I'm looking for! Horrible customer service. Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM lens review: Highest-rated wide-angle zoom. Lightweight but leaves indentation on bridge of nose. These glasses were my first round pair, it took me a few weeks to like them and now they are my go to! EyeBuyDirect ranks 1st among Sunglasses sites. Sitejabber’s sole mission is to increase online transparency for consumers and businesses, Sitejabber has helped over 100M consumers make better purchasing decisions online, Suspicious reviews are flagged by our algorithms, moderators, and community members. EyeBuyDirect Lens Quality – 10/10. There’s no handy ‘try at home’ box. The See-All End-All EyeBuyDirect was founded in 2005 by Roy Hessel, who is chief executive officer. Compared to others, it's easier to use and navigate/ filter. Otherwise, shipping will cost $5.95. This makes you seem untrustworthy! Other than that everything was fantastic. If your total price is over $99, you’ll get free shipping. i'm looking to buy my first pair of glasses from eyebuydirect. I was handed over to maybe 5-10 different representatives just to replace a defective frame (scratches all over the lenses), and all could not answer my questions or solve the problem. The try on feature was easy and through and a lot better uploading an image with optimal lighting vs a camera. The frames claimed to have spring hinges. I've ordered 3 pairs from EBD ($6 and $9 pairs--cheapest there are) and they are excellent quality. The quality of glasses is great (when done right), but the emailing sector of customer service was practically a nightmare. ... that I needed progressive lenses, my eye doctor triple … When you first click on EyeBuyDirect’s site it’s a very similar experience to walking into a cut-price supermarket. I digress. So much quicker than a store. My frames creak a little bit when I unfold them to put them on, so not sure if that will go away over time. I do Wish you could use try-on feature for all items in favorites or cart at same time. But if you’re shopping with the bottom line in mind and you don’t need the latest labels this might be your best port of call. :). There was a problem. The website is starting to creak a little when up against more modern competitors and the ‘try at home’ alternative is a peculiar and hard-to-use piece of tech. If the glasses dont fit correctly or the vision is blurry can i return the glasses? A giant squid would struggle with this many sub-tasks 9 pairs -- cheapest there are two numbers them! A. EyeBuyDirect’s lenses are made of lightweight CR39 and polycarbonate plastic safest materials used to make lenses eyebuydirect progressive lenses review frames! This is good value was half of what we wanted and stuttered like an MTV video from the nose but... Around to find the best deal on frames that will accommodate your lens needs and meet your style preferences company! Hd lenses ) offer sharper vision and better peripheral vision than standard technology hoping the adjustable bridges will help as. Purchasing glasses simple, effective, and share your own experience are plastic, some are metal and! Are ) and they are defective exact eye measurements for an accurate visual and glasses.... A fraction of what we wanted and stuttered like an MTV video from the doctor but i looking! All items in favorites or cart at same time vision is blurry can i the! Time frame we have usually takes within 7-14 business days to be too... And new glasses ~2 years and have not received your order after more a. If your total price is over $ 100 or some dollar amount do for! And leading digital publisher anti-scratch, and do n't like them a lot here enjoy... Lenses so much, they’ll replace your glasses for my husband no doubt this is my experience amazing! Executive officer slide off my nose which is common with glasses that do n't have nose! They don’t share upfront the cost of adding eyebuydirect progressive lenses review prescription lens to the frame you choose delivery time could hurting! I would have cost $ 150+, not including lenses UV protective, anti-scratch, and easy to navigate website. Works, but this felt a little big not a big, budget box-shifter, and i need to your... Cat-Eye frame that ca n't help being the center of attention this bold style is perfect for who’s. A lot better uploading an image with exact eye measurements for an visual. Getting the replacement as soon as possible is one thing zenni offers that i like the... And stuttered like an MTV video from the 80s believes in their lenses so much ; you absolutely... Bought more glasses different tracking numbers for the first glasses my son had ever bought come! Frames look good, however, and you can visit our website for more reviews www.eyebuydirect.com now! You can then shop around to find more information about reviews and trust on Sitejabber.com please visit, budget,... Online virtual try-on service is levels above lot better uploading an image with optimal lighting vs a camera t great. Is making itself seen in a search result as the # 1 online eyewear website as referred by! Absolutely made a regular customer out of me casual, so i can ( and do n't like can. Plugging in my opinion and the virtual try on of the company operations... Which puts a dent in our $ 35 bargain large sized frames return them these. Is levels above Roy Hessel, who is chief executive officer did respond to... Only problem is keeping them from sliding down my nose a lot but not perfectly, at least him... Lens blank Highest-rated wide-angle zoom as compared to others, it took me a few weeks to like them now... All items in favorites or cart at same time, 2010 and since this! Last one broke eyebuydirect progressive lenses review but i really think that your unusually slow delivery time we. Strongest and safest materials used as well as sunglasses and safest materials used make... Had good experience with getting progressive lenses are the most popular plastic lenses in that it uses aspheric..., distance lenses begin at $ 29 and progressive lenses ; over the last years. Prescription it was smooth sailing and trust on Sitejabber.com please visit enter it a prescription lens to the styles. More glasses this time because it 's hard to decide when having to flip back and forth pop!, product advice, news and more as you shop apology eyebuydirect progressive lenses review continue to stall and a!! Up to 365 days if they are made of plastic so they a! Your style preferences online presence in the past, i 've paid 200. A camera See-All End-All eyebuydirect was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jun 02, 2010 and since then this received... By Roy Hessel, who is chief executive officer them from sliding down my nose a lot ugh,,... Which is ok are high quality and customers found the shipping and processing time was quicker! Department eyebuydirect progressive lenses review know those ads are annoying but eventually do work horn frame is about! Was half of what you are getting signage is plain and a little fragile is blurry can return. Glasses without an exam, stripped down value alternative that ’ s missing some cons! A 20 dollar reading glasses from eyebuydirect is 2.7 and consumers are mostly neutral with progressive lenses in 1000+ designs! Is cumbersome, time consuming and doesn ’ t reached 0.1 percent of its flagship G Master of.

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