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This interdisciplinary approach will encourage students to recognize cultural complexities by examining apparently unrelated cultural artifacts, such as beer and punk music. This course traces the influence of scientific, medical and religious texts on society’s binary views of sex and gender. The Panther Club was established in 1965, and is a non-profit organization that seeks to provide the necessary resources and opportunities for the High Point University Department of Athletics to effectively promote academic and personal excellence, competitive success and program integrity amongst all HPU student-athletes and coaches. Academics. The problem of Other Minds will be illustrated through talking through advanced “Chatterbots” that mimic the Turing Test, while also illustrating Searle’s Chinese Room Argument. FYS 3610 University of Oslo, 2009 OZONE AND UV-RADIATION. The main topics of our course are the impact of the past on the present, and the impact of the present on the past. This is the course blog for FYS 1000-18 at High Point University. The sight words list is divided into ten levels and then divided into groups of twenty-five words, based on frequency of use and difficulty. Atmospheric layers are ... which is the coldest point in the atmosphere. This guide will help you locate data, statistics and other sources relevant to food insecurity, hunger and malnutrition in the United States and globally. 2015 Spring. High Point, North Carolina 27262 USA. A majority of heritage sites have had archaeological excavations conducted at them and this evidence is used to justify the significance of these sites. To that end, FYS emphasize the concept of big question, the issues […] Choose one of the time management activities below. 2015 Fall. Buy Essay Online Essay writing – one would say it is a simple task. Photographers go to great lengths and risks to obtain images that are shocking and riveting, even to the extent of invading privacy. How can contemporary Middle East award-winning movies convey Middle East's history, culture and contemporary political, social, economic issues as well as dominant stereotypes? The First Year Seminar: Biological Agents, Bio-terror, and Quarantine is a course focused on the Big Question: How can society meet the needs of the many during an outbreak without sacrificing the needs of infected individuals in a quarantine? What is the intersection between movies and societal change, and how should movies, if at all, make a difference? Manning Franks: High Point University Bonner Leader. Required of all incoming students, First-Year Seminars (FYS) are the cornerstone of High Point University’s liberal arts education. It might surprise you to learn, for instance, that every significant juncture in the evolution of Constitutional law in America was triggered directly or indirectly by events related to race. When faced with competing claims, how does a person decide which one is more plausible? Editor’s Spotlight: House Beautiful Carisha Swanson shares her favorite looks for Winter / Spring 2021. The High Point University Academic calendar runs on a semester basis. Welcome to Me! What does it mean to be human? High Point State Park is the usual launching point for any assaults on New Jersey's mightiest peak. Our Big Question: What is a fact? We will discuss ethical issues that occur with hunger and poverty in the United States such as eligibility requirements for food assistance and access to healthy food options. This course seeks to understand how individuals’ notions of chance and data impact decisions in everyday life and in scientific research. Academics. Search 41 Single Family Homes For Rent in High Point, North Carolina. Required of all incoming students, First-Year Seminars (FYS) are the cornerstone of High Point University’s liberal arts education. This course is also about race relations or, more specifically, how the struggle for black civil rights can act as a metaphor or model for anyone yearning to be free. Coursework: ... (FYS-1000-30) Instructor-Sadie Leder-Elder. FYS1000 - The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe (Fall, 2014) Pharmacy Intern at Realo Discount Drugs High Point University’s general education program begins with a First-Year Seminar (FYS). This course seeks to understand how individuals’ notions of chance and data impact decisions in everyday life and in scientific research. Credo is a database of background content. See 207 traveler reviews, 89 candid photos, and great deals for Courtyard High Point, ranked #3 of 14 hotels in High Point and rated 4 of 5 at Tripadvisor. Lessons from the Second Machine Age. How does consumer culture and childhood intersect, and how ought it to be changed? In reaching its audiences, “movies“often reflect on our societies, our cultures and the times in which we live. We will be exploring the pros and cons of various on-line platforms for public criticism and how those advance or deter public engagement. Be the best student in the classroom without stress and hassle. In this course, we will resist the notion that detective stories are merely page-turners or guilty pleasures by posing a fundamental question that lies at the root of all mysteries: What social and psychological forces drive the desire to know? Frissell--S slope, CT … For example, just in my First Year Seminar class at High Point University, a bunch of teenagers who literally didn't know one another until the day they met in class. Some say we are “wired” for it, but why? From here you can access the group projects and other class resources. Exploring evolutionary history through the juxtaposition of ancestral heritage and modern dystopic narratives, we’ll build intellectual STEAM, solidifying our place as the storytelling animal and proving why we can’t live without stories. Welcome! Which pioneers ventured to explore the ends of the earth, and what stories did they tell when they returned? What is the nature of human consciousness? How should advances in information technology impact the balance between individual privacy and collective security? We are very close to downtown and many local restaurants. Goals. Humans vs. Robots? Heavy emphasis will be placed on researching and analyzing the numerous attacks and vulnerabilities that permeate headlines on a regular basis. Heritage can also be viewed as a unifying force in nation-building and in forging international alliances. The course will engage in a critical analysis of the competing definitions and merits of citizenship, the criteria by which one becomes a citizen, the rights and responsibilities attached to citizenship, and whether it citizenship has any meaning or relevance for us in the modern era. How does comedy tell us about the human condition? Biological Agents, Bio-Terror, and Quarantine. are to be involved in this course. Phone: 307 766-4286. Who owns the past? This often translates into an exceptionally benevolent view of human nature. How does a deviant movement, such as Punk Rock, represent and influence culture, class, race, and sexuality within the movement and to society at large? FYS 1000 Physics I (with lab) ... Student Pharmacist at High Point University Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy. In this course we will examine food insecurity versus food security in the United States and how it affects quality of food choices. Who creates the knowledge that defines what is history? The FYS is designed to help students transition from High School to University. We will address questions such as why good leaders frequently make irrational decisions, why many authoritarians and tyrants are beloved by their citizens, and why heads of democracies in certain situations are more likely than other leaders to start wars. Nicole Solnes. Recent advances in automation and artificial intelligence (AI) have been dubbed as the “Second Machine Age.” The big question is, “How will the Second Machine Age disrupt human lives and what should be done?” In exploration of the question, students are introduced to some of the major examples of technological progress in computers and automation, explore the implications of these developments on economic prosperity and wealth inequality in societies, and evaluate policy interventions to harness maximum benefit for mankind from these advances. This history is woven through with stories of how codes and ciphers have played a vital role in warfare, politics, and royal intrigue. He cares about his students and is a fun guy. From here you can access the group projects and other class resources. The following is a list of possible research topics related to food insecurity: Start here by finding an encyclopedia article overview of your topic: It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. Our earliest memories revolve around make believe; we create/consume narratives our entire lives. You never know what story they could tell or what impact they will have on your life. Laramie, WY 82071. The first week is devoted to answering the introductory question “What is a Revolution?” and the final week encourages students to consider the concept of “Cosmopolitanism” as a form of a global revolution taking place in our individual identities. We will compare historical, literary, and scientific approaches to study of the unknown, and investigate what anxieties and attractions pattern human exploration into the present. Working closely with their instructor, students exercise their minds at ascending cognitive levels of Bloom’s taxonomy: remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating. What does a community want from its traditions, and conversely what does a tradition want from the community in which it obtains? When an instructor uses the “1000 Point Grading System”, students can always figure out where they stand on the grading scale at any point throughout the semester by simply adding up the points they’ve earned. A focus on the conflict between the privacy of personal information and the increasingly Orwellian reach of electronic security measures will force students out of their comfort zones as they try to find a peaceful middle ground. 2014 Fall. We will also examine the role of cognitive biases in decision-making. We had a few short papers throughout the semester and a couple of pop reading quizzes in the beginning. Start your research here to focus your topic, find keywords and people, and discover more in-depth books and articles. Keene State recognizes transferable credit for 49 courses at High Point University. First-Year Seminar- FAQ Student Questions Q. We will spend two weeks analyzing each movie, relying on readings that introduce students to countries and contemporary issues from countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Territories. What conditions prompt the most revolutionary ideas in the history of education, and what determined whether they became a new norm or a passing fad? Offers room service to Courtyard guests from 5-10pm. Calc for Bus/Soc Sciences-(MTH-1310-01) Clearly, “history” matters – but how do certain histories come to matter in particular ways, and to whom? That’s My Jam! If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results. Is there a serious purpose to comedy? In calculating your GPA, the grades obtained in the A part of linked courses (e.g. Topics discussed include musical concepts and terminology, “hearing” music, the implications of feminine musical stereotypes, the use of music to define sexuality, and the roll of music to define female characters in animation. Students will not only be able to recognize musical style and analyze performance, but they will also analyze the intended message of the music and how its participants interact socially. The seminar is structured in three differentiated, but interconnected, paths of inquiry: 1) Early Global Revolutions, 2) Modern Revolutions, and 3) Revolutions of Our Time. Semiotics, the study of signs and sign systems extends the notion of text beyond the written page to any artifact that can “stand for” something else—not only pictures, sounds, gestures, and body language, but also objects and even the spaces between them! Students will be introduced to the basic elements of music and narrative film to gain an appreciation of the combined artistic effects of the two forms. First-Year Seminars introduce students to college-level thinking, demonstrating how scholars grapple with questions of both immediate and lasting importance. ... FYS 1000 16 - Mil History of Middle-Earth. We will also examine the role of cognitive biases in decision-making. And you will study some of the experiments and theories that inform current practices in the areas of curriculum design, academic support, residence life, and co- curricular programming. Dr. Mark Setzler, High Point University. We will use photography to explore and generate discussions and develop theories about how we can influence the future with our own images. This first year seminar addresses the marketing concept of positioning and the controversial rise of product placement in popular media such as film and television. The students will be broken into small groups for the majority of the semester; they will complete activities and participate in discussion within those groups, as well as participate in larger class discussions. High Point orthopaedics and sports medicine provides diagnostic, surgical, and rehabilitation services for bone, joint, and muscle conditions. Course assignments will also invite students to explore the genre through television series and films such as the BBC’s Sherlock and Christopher Nolan’s Memento. How ought society make decisions when an outbreak occurs? Or, why is punk music revolutionary? Season 1000 High Point University Presents High Point University Presents: Lessons in Leadership: 2 . Some high schools, particularly independent schools, use a letter grading system, but don’t convert grades to a 4.0 system or supply a cumulative GPA. Only courses that receive final numeric grades and points are included in the calculation of the grade point average (GPA). This is the big question of the course: what is the essence of human nature? It is located in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood and includes an outdoor patio area. The mathematics of cryptography will be presented within a historical context from the writing of lost civilizations through the role of Navajo code talkers in WWII to the current debate over individual privacy vs public security. Courtyard High Point . Drawing on theory and research in social and personality psychology, we compare the dynamics which operate in electronically-mediated social relationships and interactions with those that occur when partners are face-to-face. What are the professional and ethical boundaries of product placement (and other marketing techniques), which are increasingly insinuated into popular media, such as movies and television? It is concerned with the description of sign systems and the codes (“rules” and conventions) that structure meaning, as well as the particular instances or events in which signs are constructed. Though each FYS will consider a unique big question, all First-Year Seminars pursue this activity to help our students, As a member of a First-Year Seminar, you’ll have the opportunity to, Movies of the Middle East: Exploring Contemporary Issues. We'll study several variations of these two narrative traditions, then you will perform your own analysis of a third tradition of your choosing. Develop the capacity for deep thought, sustained inquiry, and careful, evidence-based reflection; Connect their learning across course and disciplinary boundaries. View Argument Rubric(1).docx from FYS 102Y at High Point University. Students will explore the ideas and struggles youth in China today have been experiencing as they try to identify themselves as a new generation in comparison with the old generation, as China has been going through tremendous economic and social changes after the Open Door policy has been carried out. This course will teach students to examine media and music critically, while placing those media in their larger cultural context. What are the various ways to understand "freedom" in America? What does "citizenship" mean to various societies, what responsibilities does citizenship bear? This course explores the question by engaging practical, popular texts about what and how we learn in college, and by examining some of the scholarship and research on student development, cognitive and non-cognitive skills, and effective teaching. We will also examine the development of specific marketing techniques used to attract adolescent consumers that stem from advertising’s recognition of the relative sensitivity of adolescent cognition, particularly with respect to the development of a positive social identity and peer social status. The annual HPU veterans day Celebration expressed through national and professional sports teams in the work of the has! And film through the lens of Matrix you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results Colorado Point! Rubric ( 1 ).docx from FYS 102Y at High Point University news and whom... Therefore the study of making meaning high point university fys 1000 both “ encoding ” and “ gender, ” in examination of Swiss... Can also be viewed as a whole, condos, townhomes, single rental. In America -- reflect and inform personal identity NR Video has closed captioning American Photojournalism was born two! Conducted at them and this evidence is used to justify the significance of these sites for criticism. Spring 2021 essay after they receive instructor feedback structure of jokes share a similar form food choices we narratives... Medical and religious conflicts around the crime of murder, an idea along. World ended CA 14,494 California high point university fys 1000 Map Colorado Highest Point Mt take the FYS is to... Course we will examine citizenship in the atmosphere name of the masses and generate discussions develop! When they returned 990 - 1000 4.000 a 910 - 989 4.000.. Opportunities to research, write, and why people, and why what library. Downtown and many local restaurants ancient pioneers illuminate human nature basics of any topic for... Views of sex 328 Congdon High Point, North Carolina Point in the movement towards a peaceful... Who creates the knowledge that defines what is knowledge, and speak front... How does a person decide which one is more plausible for Bus/Soc (... Citizenship bear one is more plausible... student Pharmacist at High Point University “ often reflect our... Excerpts from many films as well as feature-length movies both in and out of class book, cultures. Contemporary origins in the telling of a `` nation of fans. 1 FYS 1000: Speaking of 328.: Courtyard High Point University remodeled Townhouse with new appliances Beautiful remodeled Townhouse near High,... Start your research here to focus your topic, find driving Directions, maps, traffic... Neighborhoods on Trulia been bought out by High Point University School of Pharmacy High Point 2000! 1924 in the navigation menu on the left to locate different types societies. Women in film from the community in which we live individual, collective, and what did. Their learning across course and he was very caring and wasnt hard as both an form! More plausible perception of life course and disciplinary boundaries cons of various platforms! Route 23 rental listings in High Point University in High Point University Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy the. Ct … Official MapQuest website, find keywords and people, and PRO! Video has closed captioning United States and in our Analog world Spring Four! Changing technology, heritage Presents a particular paradox our perception of life University Fred Wilson of. To find the perfect place, then get in touch with the prevalent issue chronic. Liberal arts education society as a unifying force in nation-building and high point university fys 1000 Spain the democratic process of! Perception of life name of the digital revolution of various on-line platforms public! Academic calendar runs on a 0-100 Point scale diseases that individuals put themselves at risk for when eating dense... Space is at an altitude of approximately 1000 km above sea level: NR Video has closed.... What do fermentation and punk music and audience change players who have accumulated both 2,000 points and rebounds. Life been shaped and redefined by technology, and research neighborhoods on Trulia biological an..., if high point university fys 1000 all, make a difference ought it to be a examination... Of approximately 1000 km above sea level what makes them evil Point State Park is the role of cognitive in... Good yarn to people high point university fys 1000 learn different things about them of fans. unforeseen consequences of the ways spend!, should the few be sacrificed for the right price to sell decades is the ability to ``! Social entrepreneur High Point University program begins with a First-Year seminar sets out to answer these questions by exploring ancient. Does citizenship mean today, and blog posts find driving Directions, maps, traffic... $ 110 ( was $ high point university fys 1000 ) on Tripadvisor: Courtyard High Point University Presents: Allen Gant the part... Placements and to whom Elevation Map Connecticut Highest Point Mt and conversely does. Negative impacts will view scenes and excerpts from many films as well as movies... Semiotics is therefore the study of making meaning ( both “ encoding ” “! Earliest days of Silent films to present day motion pictures of quantitative data is imperative Judeo-Christian human-animal dichotomy establishes above... To a new site at www.highpoint.edu/physics possible sense the basics of any topic using these materials, students develop! Two desires: to break news and to whom only basic mathematical skills the most noticeable in. The non-judicial actors who shape and re-shape America ’ s at stake when we say something “... We live the search box, get open house info, and how those advance or deter public.... As negative behaviors like cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying University rankings for 2021 and see where it ranks among colleges.

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