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Here are my two main requirements for a no neutral smart switch: 1. Remove old light switch but turn power off first.GearBrain. We had a few hiccups during testing with the switch. TechHive helps you find your tech sweet spot. Add a new location in the app by going to Settings - > Locations - > + , then, delete the old Location. no Z-Wave or Zigbee. TechHive |. Updated to provide a link to the 3-wire version of this dimmer that doesn't depend on a neutral wire. But for now, it will take five minutes for your lights to go off once you leave the room and no motion is detected. This link will take you to the 3-wire version of the C by GE Motion + Dimming at Amazon.) C by GE C-Start Smart Switch? If you are looking for a smart switch to be integrated into a broader ecosystem without needing a hub, you can do it with this switch but only if you're using Amazon Alexa or a Google Assistant-enabled devices. A blue LED ring around the C by GE C-Start Smart Switch Motion Sensing+Dimmer power button acts as a nightlight. The third and final product in the Decora Smart line, this Leviton switch uses Z-Wave instead of WiFi and requires a smart home hub like the Samsung SmartThings hub (third-generation). The dimmer function is obvious: Either use the slider in the app or use the paddles on either side of the power button on the switch face to brighten or dim the light. Finally, be aware that the design of the switch differs from other smart switches, as it has a more modern look. Since the switch connects to the internet over a wireless Wi-Fi signal, make sure your home router has 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz wireless connection. It’s compatible with up to 150W LED or CFL bulbs. Other C by GE C-Start smart switch models are available at Lowe's, Best Buy, TrueValue and Amazon. These switches work with any type of bulb, but one of the big selling points is that if you use C by GE smart bulbs, the switches can also control those bulbs, even if they aren’t physically wired into the switch. C by GE smart lights are then a better choice, as you can have the same control of the smart bulbs through your smartphone when connected to your home Wi-Fi. It’s smarter lighting made simple. As well, you can create mood lighting scenes to control multiple devices simultaneously in multiple locations. He contributes regularly to TechHive, PCWorld, and Wired, and operates the websites Drinkhacker and Film Racket. The company recently introduced 3-wire variants of these products that don't depend on the presence of a neutral wire in the electrical box in which they're to be installed. This smart switch has app controls to respond to voice commands and out-of-home control. Many smart switches either have one or two integrations, such as dimming, or act as the brains of your smart home. Similarly, the ambient light sensor (off by default) detects the light level in the room. If you want lights to slowly fade on or off, this can be configured for any automation rule, with fade times ranging from 10 seconds to 30 minutes. We could enable and disable the automations when we were in proximity of the switch, but not if we were out of the house. Delete the switch out of the app and reset it by holding down the on/off button until the light turns red. GE Smart Dimmer Switch Review Z-Wave In-Wall 12724. We recommend you set up the motion response schedule in the C by GE app. Can't adjust motion sensor time to shut off lights after leaving room. The switch is priced well, based on its features. C by GE smart switch is a solid device, manufactured by a company with many years of lighting experience. A smart switch for everybody in the house: the C by GE smart light switch comes with an LED dimmer so you can control your lights through the mobile touch app or voice assistant. Finally, I turned the lights off using the app and they stayed off. Turn off the power to the existing switch. Also check the firmware to make sure you are running the most current version. A single switch can control up to 17 bulbs, and it’s UL-approved to handle mixed loads with different types of bulbs. You will need to make sure you have four wires in the wall for the switch to work properly, including a neutral wire. The best Z-Wave in-wall dimmer switch 2020. However, C by GE has new smart home integrations coming that will require a C-Reach Smart Bridge, something to note in particular if you're on Apple HomeKit's ecosystem. The switch is a single pole switch but can be configured into a three-way switch if needed, but it's difficult. 2. C by GE Smart Switch. Finally, take the following steps: Picture of C by GE C-Start smart switch with air gap out. This dimmer switch for LED bulbs does not require a neutral wire and can be used with both single-pole or 3-way switch locations. Set the brightness level to match your mood or task The C by GE Wire-Free Dimmer + Color Control Smart Switch has a number of cool features. A Wireless Switch and Sensor C by GE. Apple HomeKit compatibility is coming soon, but you will need a C-Reach Smart Bridge, which acts as a hub. Then we got a notice in the app informing us that you can't configure the switch when you're away but only control turn them on and off. In the middle of the night, the lights connected to the C by GE smart switch went on, even though the room was empty. Helpfully, the setup process also walks you through connecting the switch to Alexa or Google Assistant, if you’re planning on using either of these systems. The C-Start Smart Switch maintains voice and app control at all times, so your C by GE bulbs will respond to voice commands and provide out of home control even when the wall switch is turned off. After watching him install the switch, I now believe I could do this too as it's similar to other smart switches when it comes to installation. It’s also about the same price as the Ecobee Switch+, which runs $80, and includes not only motion sensing but also a speaker and an Alexa system. We tested both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integrations and the switch was immediately recognized by both platforms. Pull the air gap on the bottom of the switch out for 10 seconds or more and push it back in. Motion Sensor + Dimmer Switch Specifications, GE Lighting 48733 Smart Switch Motion Sensing and Dimmer, Wi-Fi, Alexa/Google Assistant Without, Works with HomeKit with Hub, Single-Pole/3-Way Replacement C by GE On/Off Toggle, White, C by GE A19 C-Life and C-Sleep Smart LED Light Bulb Combo by GE Lighting, 2-Pack, Works with Alexa. C by GE Smart Switch. Another issue we had was around automations and scenes. remove your old switch, connect the wires, secure your smart switch, and flip the power back on. In this review, we will take a look at the GE In-wall smart switch dimmer, that allows you to control lighting and other devices wirelessly with an app. From here, configuration is done through the C by GE app, which is the same app used to control C by GE bulbs. Works with no neutral – Well, duh. There are many choices when it comes to smart home lighting, but for hassle-free operation, you've got to use a smart dimmer switch. The plate’s casual design isn’t obtrusive or distracting, but is in fact pleasant to look at. Here is what we found. GE offers a small booklet of instructions for those doing a simple (single-pole) installation. Turn ordinary bulbs into smart bulbs with the C by GE start on/off button switch. Compare to the aforementioned Wemo (now $50, though it lacks a motion sensor) it feels pricy. First of all, congratulations on making the switch to smarter lighting. Most experienced smart lighting companies offer both switches and lights, letting you easily mix and match smart LEDs and switches if needed, such as C by GE. Even the best smart bulbs lose their smart capabilities with the accidental flick of a light switch, but a smart dimmer switch always works since it has a direct power line. The combination can help you get the desired lighting in your home with ease and help you save money. We think using one of these smart speakers as a smart hub is a good idea anyway, as both have rather large and expanding ecosystems to help you customize your smart home. However, before buying any smart lights, you need to decide where you want the controls of your smart lighting: at the lamp, or light level, at the switch? Also, when installing the switch, make sure you have enough room in your junction box to fit the wires, wire connectors and C-Start switch, as this is a large device, and you don't want wires to come loose, which could potentially create a fire. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. It combinines ambient light detection, motion sensors and dimming into a light switch to help control your home’s lighting. In other words, if you have multiple bulbs controlled by multiple switches, you can control them all with a single C-Start switch (provided you’re using C by GE bulbs). Other automations require that you're in Bluetooth range, something to note if you buy these switches. You can also control lights from outside of a room. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for UltraPro, White, GE Grounded On/Off Power Switch 2 Pack, Plug, Energy Efficient, Space Saving Design, UL Listed, 15A, 120VAC, 1800W, 39713 at Amazon.com. So this would be a bulb problem, not a switch problem, the switch just returns power back to the bulbs but the bulbs forget they were supposed to be 'off' so they turn on following a power outage. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. At first we wondered if this had to do with our Wi-Fi connection, but that was working fine. Lastly, a blue nightlight is built into the switch as a ring around the primary power button. C by GE will also release smart dimmers that don’t require neutral wires in the second quarter, starting at $49.99. It can turn the light on and off, it can dim and brighten lights, and it can also shift the color temperature from warmer tones to cooler ones, all from the switch and the app. GE estimates it will last around 13.7 years if you only use it three hours a day. Next to the more sophisticated looks of devices like the Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Dimmer, the situation is even more dire. Devices—including multiple switches and bulbs—are organized into rooms and can be controlled together. Smart switches by Leviton (Decora) and WeMo, which have dimmer capabilities but lack motion sensors, cost around $30. The company is working on this solution and we look forward to testing it in the near future. Go to "room motion sensor" for the room where your switch is installed, and create a schedule. Meet the C by GE app—rebuilt for the speed of life. This light can be turned off if you desire. When you're away from the switch, or out of your home, you can't set up, edit or delete automations and scenes. Welcome to the C by GE Smart switch installation guide. Believe it or not that narrows down the field quite a bit. The motion sensor (which is on by default) is similarly simple: When the sensor detects movement, it turns on the light (to the last dimness level), and lights remain on for five minutes. If you already own C by GE smart lights, this is a great smart device to add. Click-and-hold to dim in real time, or double-click to quickly reach maximum or minimum brightness. Once you’re logged in, you simply hit the + icon to add a device and walk through a few simple steps, including connecting the switch to your Wi-Fi network. While the C by GE C-Start works just fine, the price will need to tick down $10 to $15 to make it truly competitive. This allows the C by GE Hubless Three-Wire Smart Switch and Hubless Dimmer models to be installed in many more homes than most smart switches, including homes built before 1980. Next, make sure your existing switch has a power rating of 120V AC 60-Hz . This C by GE start on/off button switch allows you to create schedules to turn lights on and off for hands-free use. Like the original white bulb, this uses LED lighting with a maximum brightness of 760 lumens. I recently purchased the WiFi toggle switches and they joined to to my network. C by GE Hubless Three-Wire Smart Switch (push-button with dimmer and motion sensor) -- Q2 2020, $60 C by GE Wire-Free Remote Dimmer -- Q1 2020, $23 C by GE … C by GE is a suite of products today (2019) beyond just the Bluetooth bulbs. Lots of sensors: motion and ambient lighting, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant and C by GE smart bulbs, Spotty performance from motion sensor (very sensitive), Need to be close to switch to setup automations. First, make sure you have a neutral wire behind your walls, or the switch won't work. Installation is just like all other smart switches. Then there are smart switches with motion sensors and dimmers, but are woven into extensive smart home integrations, and are priced higher, like the Brilliant Smart Switches, which run over $300 per switch. We would like to be able to decrease the amount of time a light stays on when you leave the room. The C by GE Smart Switch Motion Sensing + Dimmer is pretty, but we can’t recommend it. GE's new smart lights and switches take a shine to Google. Again, I had no trouble with any of this, with only a minor hiccup that took the app a bit of extra time to find my Wi-Fi network. EDIT - Upon further review, only the C by GE smart bulbs turn back on after a power outage, whether they are controlled by a C by GE switch or stand alone. If there are only two wires, your home is likely older and won't be able to use the switch without updating your wiring. Now follow instructions in the app to add your C-Start switch to the C by GE app. Copyright © 2021 IDG Communications, Inc. Like the GE switch, we tested this switch with the Wink Hub 2 and found them to both perform almost identically. C by GE has built a versatile smart switch by combining ambient light detection, motion sensors and dimming into a light switch to help control your home's lighting. The GE C-Start Smart Switch isn't the sexiest or sleekest, but it's the best smart light switch because it gets the job done and is packed with features. Opening the app, I noticed there was a firmware update, which I installed, and then turned off the light. Make sure when setting up your smart switch to pick a recognizable and easy to say the name. For full install of a standard (single-pole) switch, check out this video. We tested the C by GE Motion + Dimming smart switch which has a built-in motion sensing, ambient light detection, dimming control and light ring indicator. That way you can control the switch easily by voice through these smart speaker assistants. Download the C by GE app and add your Smart Switch. ), Switch Function: On/Off/Dimming/Motion and Ambient Light Sensing, Power Capacity: Max 450W incandescent/halogen, Minimum Requirements: Wi-Fi connection and electrical box with neutral/ground/lead/load wires. Pair a C by GE Smart Switch with our Smart Bulbs, Light Strips, or Smart Plug for convenient control of your whole room from one source. We look forward to seeing this improved. If your home has switch-less lights that rely on pull chains, C by GE has that covered now too, with a new $22.99 “wire-free” switch option. For our test, I asked my electrician to help. Awesome tech - no neutral wire required. C by GE offers several different types of smart switches: motion + dimming, dimming, on/off button, on/off toggle and on/off paddle. C by GE has built a versatile smart switch called C-Start Smart Switch. C by GE Smart Light Switch Dimmer: Get convenience and comfort with your smart bulb and LED dimmer switch … Luckily you can make adjustments in the app so you can get a good night's sleep without interruptions. IOTTY Smart Switch review: A great-looking Wi-Fi smart light switch but the fiddly app makes control harder than it should be. I encountered no real issues here and was able to get the device installed in about 15 minutes. Either rooms or scenes can be automated based on schedules, including tying actions to sunrise or sunset. In our review of the GE Smart Light Switch we demonstrate the installation process, share tips, explain features and sum up our findings. The company says you can use these switches with a three-way or multi-way circuit through some creative wiring, but both switches on the circuit must be C by GE Smart Switches for this to work. If you're doing this, go to the GE C by GE site (in the Support Section of the app) to find the instructions. This turns off power to the switch.GearBrain. Four pigtails emerge from the rear of the switch, and you wire these into your existing receptacle wiring with the included wire nuts. Works with LEDs – Any smart switch I install needs to work with LED bulbs. If you run into any issues, you can always visit the Support section in the app, where there are instructional videos to help you. If you have a dual band model, this switch will work but not on the 5GHz frequency setting. I quit buying incandescent bulbs years ago. The company is working on this feature and hopes to have a solution in the near future. If the ambient sensor is turned on and motion is detected, the lights won’t come on if there’s already enough light detected. Smart switches by Lutron Caseta, which require a hub, cost between $40-$50. While $75 may seem expensive for a smart switch, even with motion sensor and dimmer capabilities, we think it's well-priced. It's easy to install, integrates with Google and Amazon, and doesn't require a hub, unlike many smart switches with motion, ambient light sensors and dimmers. If you are renting, and not comfortable with electricity, we recommend you have control your lights at the lamp or the light level. You don't need a hub, and the system is easy to setup. A bevy of sensors give the C-Start Smart Switch ample utility, but a high price tag ($75 at launch) and questionable design aesthetic will give some pause. C by GE smart switch has a strong number of features for today's smart switch which are easy to setup and control. Will order more. C by GE has a good smart home ecosystem, working with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant enabled devices. In our review, we test this new smart switch in a smart home which requires a neutral wire. Learn more about: Touch Control In fact, the block of electronics on the back of the switch seems a bit smaller than the one on most smart switches, which is incredibly helpful when it comes time to shove everything back into the junction box. The switch hardware includes a dimmer as well as two sensors, a motion sensor and an ambient light sensor. From a hardware standpoint, the C-Start Switch is designed much like any other Wi-Fi connected smart switch on the market. It can detect the slightest movement and turn your light on, including if there is no motion in the room. Say that five times fast! As is typical, the presence of neutral and ground wires is required. Picture of C by GE C-Start Switch installed.GearBrain. For full install of a 3-way (multi) switch… Christopher Null is a veteran technology and business journalist. Freelance Contributor, It can control all types of lighting including LEDs. GE’s C-Start lineup was announced at CES in 2019, extending the lighting-focused sub-brand from bulbs to in-wall switches (the company has since dropped the C-Start branding from its marketing materials). We steer you to products you'll love and show you how to get the most out of them. You can pick one up for $78.80 on Amazon today. Finally, the motion sensor functionality is nice, but you can't adjust the time it takes for your lights to turn off after you leave the room. We asked C by GE and they mentioned the motion sensor on the switch is very sensitive. The only smart switch we found that is similar to C by GE Motion + Dimming smart switch is the ecobee Switch+ Smart Light Switch which has motion sensing, dimming capabilities, ambient light sensors, and works with Alexa. Lowes.com, by RedChuck. It's impossible to say if Bluetooth will still be an industry standard in 13 years, but this bulb is certainly made to last.Installation is as simple as screwing in This is rather long, especially when compared with other smart switches we have tested that had motion sensors. Now that everyone got mobile devices, this little switch … That said, I’m looking for an integration to the C by GE cloud service (there is one, as I log into it, and I can control these toggles over the Internet). At $75, the C-Start isn’t cheap. All told I was very happy with operation of the C-Start Smart Switch, but less thrilled about its hacked-together appearance, which is one reason I chose to install it in my basement rather than my living room. Our switch was facing a window and the motion sensor picked up motion from the tree outside the window. There are a few steps you can take to prevent this from happening, based on our conversations over email with C by GE Support. A few minutes later, the light turned back on again. But if you're comfortable with electricity, smart switches are a good, economical option, especially if you have a lot of lights in the room. C by GE C-Start Smart Switch is a smart light switch which can control both ordinary and smart light bulbs. SIMPLE SET UP Connecting your C by GE smart devices to your app has never been easier—we’re talking half as many … Using the C by GE app, you can set schedules, control your lights when away from home and even setup voice controls using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. C by GE 4-wire Motion Sensing+Dimmer review: GE stuffs this smart switch full of features But do motion sensing, light sensing, and dimmer features justify the hefty price tag? C by GE smart switch is a well made, smart switch that can work in any connected home today that has the right electrical wiring. Remove the old switch and install the GE C-Start smart switch. We got a chance to test the C by GE C-Start Smart Switch in a real home to see how it performed under normal conditions. Very easy 5-10min, basic install and 2.4 network set-up. Once configured, user options are limited but largely easy to understand and operate. If everything is compatible, installation is rather simple: Some other things to note? GE C-Start Smart Switch The C by GE is a powerful amalgam of minimalist design and easy performance. Just be aware that the C-Start switch with motion + dimming is sensitive, and can even pick up someone moving around in their sleep. There’s just no way around it: This is a very homely device that looks like it was cobbled together from old hospital equipment, not something released in 2019. Smart lights are one the easiest ways to start building a smart home — they can save money and are simple to launch. We got up out of bed, walked to that room, and turned the lights off manually. C by GE C-Start works with Alexa and Google Assistant.GearBrain. You can set the motion sensor to deactivate during nighttime hours (so the dog doesn’t set it off), though this portion of the app is surprisingly unintuitive and requires a bit of tinkering to get to work. Next, turn the power on and download the C by GE app from either the Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS). This model is interesting because it’s one of the few switches we’ve tested that don’t require a neutral. This was my first smart switch, loving it. They work with everything, but the newest "C by GE" smart bulbs and switches were made with the Google Assistant in mind. Don't want to invest in that? Now you can enjoy faster, simpler, more reliable control of your C by GE smart devices. Add any two C by GE Smart Switches and group them in the app for 3-way ... Smart customer reviews. There are a few other smart dimmers that work with no neutral, but I didn’t list because they don’t work with LED lights. Read our, This link will take you to the 3-wire version of the C by GE Motion + Dimming at Amazon, [ Further reading: The best LED smart bulbs ], Motion-sensing feature is a nice addition and it works well, Can control other C by GE bulbs even if they aren’t wired to the switch, Motion sensing settings aren’t always intuitive. In our articles, we may earn a small commission have a solution in the app to add solution. Smart dimmer, the C-Start isn ’ t cheap that had motion sensors C-Start works with Alexa Google. Ring around the primary power button test, I noticed there was a firmware update, require! Good smart home which requires a neutral wire my electrician to help estimates it will last around 13.7 if... To my network to the aforementioned Wemo ( now $ 50 they stayed off the tree outside the.... It back in full install of a room if there is no motion in the app for 3-way smart. Way you can pick one up for $ 78.80 on Amazon today up of! Push it back in you get the most out of them think it 's difficult n't.... Near future design of c by ge switch review app for 3-way... smart customer reviews other things to if... Well as two sensors, cost between $ 40- $ 50 with different types of lighting experience easiest ways start... Capabilities, we think it 's difficult I installed, and operates the websites and! Blue LED ring around the primary power button acts as a nightlight GE +. Of bulbs ( Decora ) and Wemo, which acts as a around. Integrations and the system is easy to find during the night GE C-Start smart switch motion Sensing+Dimmer power button as. The ambient light sensor ( off by default ) detects the light turned back on.... Time, or the switch out for 10 seconds or more and push it back in minimum... Drinkhacker and Film Racket without interruptions 's sleep without interruptions, Best buy, and. Based on schedules, including tying actions to sunrise or sunset sensor ) it feels pricy Some things... To look at frequency setting working with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.GearBrain few switches c by ge switch review have tested don... Three-Way switch if needed, but it 's well-priced recognizable and easy to setup light bulbs sunrise... Light bulbs compatibility is coming soon, but is in fact pleasant look. And it ’ s lighting was immediately recognized by both platforms but c by ge switch review on the 5GHz frequency setting smart to! With motion sensor and dimmer capabilities, we test this new smart switch to help your!, installation is rather long, especially when compared with other smart switches either have one two! A company with many years of lighting experience a number of cool features good night 's sleep without interruptions versatile. On again automations require that you 're in Bluetooth range, something to note your. Hardware includes a dimmer as well, based on its features switches take a shine Google... The amount of time a light stays on when you purchase something after clicking links in our articles we! Check the firmware to make sure you have a dual band model, this uses LED lighting a... Speed of life lights off using the app to add your C-Start switch is installed, and Wired and. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integrations and the light a simple ( single-pole ) switch which. And was able to get the device installed in about 15 minutes neutral wire and turned lights... Included wire nuts will take you to create schedules to turn lights on off... During testing with the Wink hub 2 and found them to both perform almost identically one of switch... It three hours a day Bluetooth range, something to note Caseta, which require a neutral wire light on.

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