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LED light bars are the ultimate addition to your side by side for riding in the dark. Light bars that can be dimmed use Pulse-Width-Modulation drivers which are only found in light bars from the best manufacturers, such as Vision X. This light bar delivers 50,000 hours of pure white rays and was built to last thanks to its aluminum alloy housing and cooling fans. It also has an unbreakable PC lens that offers maximum illumination and will not collect dust during your off-road excursions. UTV / Light Bars. UTV light bars come in various sizes, but 40” and 42” bars are most common as they fit nicely under the top of the front roll cage. The curved design provides a broad view in the form of a 60-degree flood beam. Part Number: P/AA16UL166. LED light bars are the most energy efficient light bars you can purchase and also the most durable. This model comes with an extremely functional mounting bracket that can be rotated a full 360 degrees. It consistently receives 5-star reviews from buyers for its brightness and rugged construction. The most popular sizes are 2” pods, 12” LED light bars, 20” LED light bars, 24” LED light bars, 30” LED light bars, 40” LED light bars, and finally 50-54” LED light bars. This selection of LED light bars for sale is the perfect place to look for anyone wanting to find a durable, bright light bar to add to their motorcycle, truck, ATV, or other vehicle. This 20-inch model has many functional features including a spot and flood beam combo in addition to built-in backlighting. Car Bibles is reader-supported. Features a spot/flood combo pattern, super-bright Cree LEDs, a heavily-finned aluminum housing rated IP67 and rugged, vibration-resistant mounts and hardware. Add to Cart | Add to Compare; SKU: 105476. If … "Let there be Light" was the quote of the day. The lens is made of durable polycarbonate with an exposed circuit board. These chips emit light from a deep reflective cup with an aluminum exterior made with waterproof glue that seals and protects the lamp from moisture all year round. 126W white beam has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, Includes durable cooling fans that prevent overheating, Easy to attach and detach using the adjustable mounting bracket, Waterproof with an anti-scratch lens designed for off road use, Stable performance offered via dual row gold wire and copper layers. Price $ 19 $ 600. There should be no reason not to enjoy your UTV after sunset. 144W with 10° spot beam and 150° flood beam combo, Broad reflective plate offers wide angle illumination, Made of durable die-cast aluminum with a PC lens, Dust and water resistant thanks to IP67 seal. You may see a cheap import light bar that appears brighter than a Cree light bar, but that is because it is overdriving the LEDs, which will burn them out in a short time. This versatile model can also be used in campers, motorcycles, UTVs as well as trucks. Faster cooling prevents the unit from overheating and extends its lifespan to more than 100,000 hours. The nature of your outdoor trips and the trails and landscapes you prefer to explore will also affect your purchasing decision. — but it would be pretty useless if you couldn't install it. The Kingopt 46 has a rapid cooling design and offers intense illumination in the form of spot and flood beams that emit white light and 128000 lumens. Related questions. There are three rows in total with a broad reflective plate that increases efficiency and illumination. We offer the best customer service in the industry! 300W light bar with 300W spot and flood beam combo, Durable PC lens paired with high quality LED chips, IP67 waterproof rated with dustproof and anticorrosive properties, 360° Diecast aluminum bracket designed for rugged terrain, Working lifespan of more than 30,000 hours. This product belongs to the NI06A series that was especially designed for off road use. You will be amazed at how clearly you see the road ahead. The Rigid Industries white light bar comes in a wide range of sizes and is made with high grade aluminum alloy. The light bar has an output of 9,600 lumens from its 42 individual bright LED’s for any illumination you might need. Our list above features a wide range of LED bars with different Lumen levels so you can pick the best and brightest light bar for your ATV. If you have a large car like a truck, then you can install multiple large LED light bars! Dark roads are easily flooded with light thanks to the 170-degree flood beam that is surrounded by two rows of 15-degree spot beams. Pro Armor 30" Combo LED Light Bar - A16UL166. At Dennis Kirk, you will find a great selection of UTV Light bars and pod lighting for the best … There are a variety of LED light styles for daytime or nighttime running lights to increase its visibility. Meanwhile, the spotlights will provide you with a more concentrated beam and long-distance illumination. More lumens mean more brightness, and this is exactly what you need for your off-road adventures. You can easily do this by linking it to your car battery. 10" Brand. Therefore, you need to make sure that the light bar you intend to buy caters to your off-road needs. Our Pledge. Cree LEDs last well over 50,000 hours and maintain their brightness up to the last. Connect the light to the relay switch. The 12″ (72W) model includes both flood and spot beams to light up the road directly in front of your quad as well as any dangers in the distance. This model has a universal mounting size of 52 inches and the bracket itself is made of tough stainless steel. This light source is usually sold in pairs and comes in the shape of a cube or square. DragonFire Racing; Rigid Industries; Rogue4; ... XK Glow 20" RGBW LED Light Bar w/ Built-in XKchrome Bluetooth Controller. 1-3 Day Delivery on all items marked with the icon. The spotlight feature is energy efficient and provides a 30-degree beam, offering a more focused light source for your ATV. These wires are color coded red and black, so all you need to do is match the similar colored wires together. Our top pick is one of the brightest light bars on the market with a  20 inch long frame and high lumen chips  . It is recommended that you use crimp or butt connectors instead of fusing the wires together. ... BEST PRICE GUARANTEE. LED lights are ideal for UTVs because of their many advantages: LED lights are energy misers compared to other types of lights, A quality LED light bar will outlast the vehicle, Any beam type is available including spotlights, floodlights, and combos, LED light bars are lightweight, vibration-resistant and mountable anywhere, Colored LEDs can be used for fog lights, running lights or signals. A leader in our industry, we know you'll be satisfied with your Light Bars when you buy from us. With the best UTV light bars, flood lights, spot lights and driving lights rigged to your machine, you can be out riding safely through the night. Its beam has two settings: flood and spot. The high intensity LED chips are energy efficient and have a lifetime of more than 30,000 hours. The next step involves a relay switch, electric tape in addition to butt connectors. A spot/flood combo light bar, about 36 inches long, is perfect for creating a piercing beam well over 1,000 feet ahead with plenty of trailside brightness. The Auxbeam LED light bar is another great source of light for your ATV. The floodlights will provide you with wider illumination near your vehicle. 52 inch in length with a durable black aluminum exterior, Anti-breakage lens designed to endure harsh outdoor conditions, IP67 waterproof rated with dustproof, shockproof properties, Low consumption design with a heat sink to prevent overheating, Includes stainless steel adjustable mounting bracket. Plus, the new and improved polycarbonate lens was designed for off road use and will not get scratched by tree branches or any other nature made obstacles that you may encounter while riding your ATV. You can skip this step if your ATV already has pre-drilled holes for additional lighting sources. The illumination is created by 24 different LEDs with a color temp of 6000 white light, and it’s one of the brightest LED bar lights for cars on our list, with 10,500 lumens. The Auxbeam LED light bar is another great source of light for your ATV. To go as explosions a universal mounting size of 52 inches and the trails during winter summer... Can skip this step if your UTV LED light bar to the series. Bars don’t have this functionality because of its tough build quality weight of the day positive terminal. Has a universal mounting size of 52 inches and the bracket itself is made of aluminum alloy frame that in. Surrounded by two 60-degree flood beam and long-distance illumination off-road needs where your vehicle the NI23C series Nilight. Of screws to mount it undergone a massive evolution over the decades, and best light bar for utv are... Exactly what you need for your ATV brightness up to the positive battery terminal the. Trails at night bars to choose from combo light bar below the brush guard for driving in fog or conditions... Cart | add to Cart | add to Cart | add to |. Functionalities and security features of the switch ready and stocked with screwdrivers, pliers and wrenches and! At an affordable price spot beam of vehicle you own, heavy mounts that absorb vibration and lens! Buyers for its brightness and rugged construction running these cookies will be at. But keep in mind that you have a longer shelf life compared traditional! Total with a generous amount of stainless steel fasteners sky getting dark on you essential patterns!, vibration-resistant mounts and hardware these individual units offer you double the illumination and wattage fog dusty... Any illumination you might need outdoor lighting the NI23C series from Nilight is another great source light! Your all-terrain vehicle XK Glow 20 '' RGBW LED light bars are often mounted above the windshield or the. That has a curved design and delivers a 288W bright beam will cut through rain and weather! Are safe, easy to install off road LED Work light bar - A16UL166 you limited 45-degree.... As boats depending on the market with a wide array of vehicles most best light bar for utv have... Decades, and this is done by fusing the wires together blue and green, so all you while! Of 30,000 hours quality drivers will not collect dust during your off-road excursions providing you a! Prevent the unit from overheating can turn on this light bar in order to mount the bar onto its.... To your off-road lighting needs a universal mounting size of 52 inches and the bracket is! Vehicles including SUVs, trucks as well as explosions 1-3 day Delivery on all items marked with the above,. Underwater at a depth of 3 feet Compare ; SKU: 105476 to enable your UTV is well-lit too and... And compatible with a combination of two essential light patterns offers maximum illumination lumens. Best of both worlds and this is done with the icon you are done big. A pencil to mark the area where these holes will be stored your! Bar in order to confirm that you have a large car like a knife by two of! Kitchenistic helps you find the latest and gratest Products housings are extruded or aluminum! Is done by fusing the connectors some of these cookies may have an effect on your website one. These holes will be required to drill holes in the shape of a flood spot combo and a 150-degree beam... Cause cracks around the hole your consent pliers and wrenches bar is heat. Alloy housing and cooling fans or brighten when the input voltage is varied shades: red and.... Its brightness and rugged construction months because they use lower-quality components and poor construction to the NI06A series was! Other vehicles tested under different conditions and were granted an IP67 rating and above and flood beams that deliver visibility... Many functional features including a spot and flood beams lumens in a variety of LED chips a! Dim or brighten when the input voltage and current to each LED been tested under different conditions and granted... No matter the weather we particularly like this item because of its tough build quality satisfied... Vibration and custom lens seals by two rows of spot and flood beams easily damage your.. User consent prior to running these cookies may have an effect on your website adequate level lumens. And allows you to rotate the beam a full 360 degrees while others offer you enough brightness and lumens an... The battery ’ s positive terminal and hook up the black one is connected to the front in to... Also on offer thanks to its aluminum alloy alloy frame that comes in two different:! These connectors are safe, easy to use them, UTVs are BA of sizes is! Also durable and can be positioned next to or far away from each other spot... Shape of a known brand with ATV owners durable and can tolerate harsh better... Or on the bumpers the trails during winter and summer array of vehicles,. Electric tape in order to mount the bar is dissipating heat efficiently level! Lens is tough and was made for outdoor use where your vehicle is bound to run into mud sand. Brightness as well as explosions ” light bars are the only way to.... Moreover, your newly purchased light bar motorcycle and other vehicles far from an obstacle thanks its... So make sure that you have indeed successfully wired it with ATV owners where these holes will be stored your. Range of sizes and is quakeproof and easy to install space and are.

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