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Enter custom title (optional) This topic is locked. The main ethnicities in Sri Lanka are split into three groups. Over 50% of people using their trips are solo travellers. Alright, now we get to talk about the good stuff! Ziggy has minor fame status throughout Asia for his incessant ukulele playing. Option two is to just ask through your accommodation but probs-defs at a higher price than your devilish silver tongue can acquire. What I do feel comfortable saying is that the world failed Sri Lanka. Ella is one of the coolest places to stay in Sri Lanka hands-down. Don’t be a holidayer, don’t be a tourist, and don’t be an ‘influencer‘. I really honestly don’t know, however, I wouldn’t hold your breath. 1. Gail is a self-confessed travel junkie, caffeine addict, freelance writer and photographer. These dudes have a PS4, a Rasta-Banana (the real top attraction in Colombo), and air-con in the dorms! Close to everything you need in Mirissa with an awesome atmosphere. A place to really burst the bubble: Meemure village. The north and Jaffna is a good start. That covers my bed, an all-you-can-eat breakfast, and an all-you-can-eat dinner. What are the best and most beautiful beaches on Sri Lanka’s south coast? They say travelling in Sri Lanka is the safer, easier version of risky India. If you see a wild elephant or leopard, lucky you but keep your distance, yeah? If you are ready to plan your solo trip to Sri Lanka here are some useful links to help you to travel to Sri Lanka including airlines which fly there, vaccinations required and local costs; all the links that you need for Sri Lanka solo female travel. Unfortunately, the beautiful human that made that place a home has moved on and the person running the show now does not embody the spirit of Tomorrowland in the slightest. By booking through this Sri Lanka travel guide you are helping to improve the lives of vulnerable girls about the globe. Don’t even bother with hailing tuk-tuks in Colombo: It’s customary (and respectful) to exchange money (or anything for that matter). At Matale, visit an Ayurvedic Village to burn a hole in your credit card buying up big on miraculous potions based on botanical and herbal natural products. That leaves the question of when to go to Sri Lanka a bit more open-ended… like a choose-your-own-adventure book! The rides are bumpy, slow, and teeming with local goodness. Well, this is definitely the cheapest way to get around Sri Lanka provided you don’t accidentally hail an unmarked taxi. I’m linking the official site for Sri Lanka visas so you can check everything yourself. That’s worth a mention. Generally: While the weather in Sri Lanka’s south west is constantly nice, the weather in the east is bad, and the other way around. Give the people what they want! But as I mentioned, I haven’t taken my travels here quite as rough as I have in the past. It’s different people, a different feeling, and a place to travel to in Sri Lanka if the feeling of the backpacking tour is wearing thin. Yes, many travellers—both male and female—travel alone throughout Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. I didn’t even realise I liked volleyball until visiting Trincomalee! The prices are a lot higher than India or Nepal (honestly, some stuff can approach Australian price-levels) and the quality isn’t as high (pharmaceuticals notwithstanding) but they definitely do the job. Pick up an AMK Travel Medical Kit before you head out on your next adventure. The southwest monsoon – with the heaviest rainfall of Sri Lanka’s weather – hits the south coast from April to September. Past that, temperatures are consistent. So thank you to Menno for the space he created, thank you to the boys there that made it a home, and thank you to everyone I met in my time there. This makes backpacking Sri Lanka alone a pleasant experience as you’ll be quick to make local friends. Things to do in Colombo: The process is pretty painful, not gonna lie, although that may have been courtesy of the whopping ear infection I had at the time. Or, for those that don't wax any unwanted hair, try their hair removal cream and be utterly astounded at the results. Sri Lankans go jogging in the morning in full track gear, finding a local feed is a mission in-of-itself, and it’s the only time in Asia I’ve ever been refused buying a single cigarette (I’m still feeling salty about that one). Not the old temples, and famous rocks, and pretty beaches, but the people; the real people. Insider tips for the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is allocated into different states. A large buffer zone through the jungles of central Sri Lanka further divided the two people and the two kingdoms developed relatively isolated from each other. Don’t even bother. Sapphires, in particular, are sketchy to buy. That wall will always be there no matter what you do. Sri Lanka on a budget: important facts and figures. A great value accommodation with a restaurant serving delicious local food. Best places to visit on the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka. I’m Eileen Cotter Wright, an American from Boston currently living in London.I’ve been a freelance travel writer for four years and a pro blogger for three. I’ll reiterate what I’ve already approached: Sri Lanka is bubble wrap. Although demonisation of LGBTQ locals is common. At higher elevations it gets colder but, otherwise, Sri Lanka is humid and it’s hot and there are no other real surprises. Less-traditional Sri Lankans also tend to be super-chill with good vibes. I’m leaving it recommended in all the Sri Lanka content I wrote as a testament to its memory and as an honest reflection of the journey I had in Sri Lanka; truly, it was special. There are definitely cheaper places in the world you can do them. If you are travelling outside of high season, arriving to a location without a room booked for … Plus if you visit during the hot months, there is air conditioning to keep you cool. Well, that’s probably still a motorbike. Up here you’ll find a different side of Sri Lanka and a deeper insight into Sri Lanka’s history. Anything you need, whether tips and advice or just some great food, they offer a true local experience. Minimal-to-competent English is also common in the cities and most of the top travel places in Sri Lanka but the further out in the sticks you head, the less you’ll find. They’re your travel Bible for your Sri Lanka vacation. All of the accommodation below have been recommended by solo female travellers from our Girls about the Globe community and come with a Solo Female Friendly endorsement. Regardless, when tourism reopens, you can expect the Sri Lankan government to want to make it as simple a process as possible. And my God, they’re gonna be a blast. I pretty much always sleep cheap and eat local in the bubbles. Places the fruit-shirt clad backpacker-men dare not tread. There were joints and middle-of-nowhere-rotis. They rescue street animals who have no hope or veterinary care when they become ill or injured on the roads. From here you’re heading into Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle and away from the beach (you’ll still find joints though). There’s not much else except, arguably, Pasikuda, but that’s more local-touristy (it’s actually a premier Sri Lankan honeymoon destination). If there’s one insurance company I trust, it’s World Nomads. Only about 1.5 million, of which about 150,000 are German guests, visit the island every year, which is no bigger than Bavaria. Expect uncomfortable stares, moments of utter confusion, and personal boundaries occasionally being crossed. To truly experience this paradise just as Marco would have wanted, the guys from Far Ride Magazine decided to pack up their bikes and head there for an adventure. Snorkelling, diving, beach-beers, and local goodness outside the bubble. Is It Weird To Go To A Music Festival Alone? Find out more…. Many greener travellers that I’ve met (usually just on a short trip to Sri Lanka) often still struggle with connecting with the local people. Colombo – 1 night, Galle – 2 nights, Weligama – 3 nights. It was dope (heh). Jan 19, 2019 - Hiking Sigiriya Rock Fortress (The Lion Rock). I do really reckon, however, that you read the section on Yala further down before booking that safari. It comes with the necessary disclaimers about volunteering in developing countries – both concerning doing your research and not letting your guard down too much – but using a reputable volunteering platform like Workaway is a great way to connect with local communities AND travel for longer. Back to sweet, sticky, and sublime Ella. Either you love curry and every new curry is a whole new world; therefore, the food in Sri Lanka is so varied! That’s for the el cheapo unreserved seating. Just now, it came to me (conveniently, as I was staring at a super-dope mountain). 3 week backpacking Sri Lanka itinerary . These guys run a real tight ship on the whole operation. Sri Lanka is also haggling country, so brush up on your bartering skills. If you’ve been thinking about it for a while, take this as your sign to book that solo adventure now! People still visit Jaffna for sure, but it’s not like many of the other points of interest in Sri Lanka. What Language is Spoken in Sri Lanka – Sinhala and Tamil, very little English in some areas. Days consist of surfing, food, a joint, a nap, more surfing, more joints, probably a kottu (ok, definitely a kottu). If you do get a ride, more times than not you’ll be asked for money at the end (giving a tip is alright but there’s a line). Make sure that they’re driving in the right direction. You’re going here because it’s another of Sri Lanka’s famous travel places and also because the train runs north from Anuradhapura to Jaffna: now we’re in The North. Yeah, I got a tip… buy your own tips! Don’t forget to pack them while backpacking Sri Lanka: This is a regular looking belt with a concealed pocket on the inside – you can hide up to twenty notes inside and wear it through airport scanners without it setting them off. Most of the things to do in Sri Lanka’s hill country and Ella revolve around nature: tea plantations, hikes, stunning panoramas, and waterfalls. In the wake of the British, a corrupt – and now independent – government (it’s usually the way) repeatedly enforced legislation that served to bolster the Sinhala and subjugate the Tamil people. Truck drivers are super chill about you just sitting in the trailer. In fact, that’s where the coolest place to stay in Sri Lanka is (TBA – it’s coming, I promise). There are some things in life that you must do on your own, all by yourself and at least once. So, as they always say, quantity over quality! Cheaper board rentals (since Hiriketiya is a bit out of the way). It’s about showing an interest and a willingness to partake: a sincere desire to learn about the culture you’re in. Namely, you’ll find lingering traces of Sri Lanka’s blood-soaked civil war and a subtle shift towards a more Tamil-based culture. Well, you already know what to do in Arugam Bay, so instead, I’m going to tell you about my real favourite part… the munchies! They’ve still got the classic South Asia soul-burning stare but, generally, they come across as a bit shier. The mid-70s saw the rise of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE or colloquially the ‘Tamil Tigers’); terrorists or revolutionaries depending on who you talk to. You know what’s up. Teaching English online is a great way to earn a consistent income on the road. They are usually full of other solo travelers and the way that I meet the most people. This can generally be done online for approximately $35USD. What delicious treats can I put in my body? This is a result of trying to pack in most of the places accessible to backpackers in a single itinerary while giving each destination as much breathing space as I could afford, given the limited time. The Best Backpacking Guide to Sri Lanka For 2019. This is a travel guide for Sri Lanka, so, of course, I’m going to cover the typical backpacking itinerary – where to stay, where to go, and what to do. The end result is that visiting Sri Lanka’s typical travel guide locales feels, well, like being in a bubble. In order, there’s Unawatuna, Midigama, and Weligama. The east coast presents a similar vibe but with considerably fewer destinations (really just Arugam Bay and Trincomalee). Find out how to get from the airports our recommended itinerary in Sri Lanka, and the best places to visit in Sri Lanka. Galle with its ancient fort and wall, beach alcove and a locals fish market that large black crows haunt, is a colorful caricature of what one expects to see in Sri Lanka. For a two week itinerary exploring the highlights and UNESCO sites visit: Galle – 3 nights, Rekawa – 2 nights, Tissa – 3 nights, Kandy – 3 nights, Bentota – 2 nights. You’ll get a bit of a party vibe, a good night’s sleep, and possibly a travel buddy too. Sri Lanka is not so expensive but it ain’t strictly cheap either. Expensive permits only for “observing flora and fauna”, i.e. Check out Fisherman’s Bay to see some fancy stilt fishermen moves! Pretty much everywhere gets hit by rainfall regularly and thunderstorms scatter across the island. You’re my kind of traveller. If you’re after hiking in Sri Lanka, it’s the place to go. There are some key differences that I’ve felt while visiting Sri Lanka but please remember that this a very broad brush. Suffice to say, first, the Portuguese did their damage followed by the Dutch and ending with the British. Indeed, it is comparatively cheaper than spending a holiday in a European country. So I arrived in Bishkek a week before I planned to set off into the wilderness. Sri Lanka is a wonderful country to explore but if you are planning Sri Lanka solo travel, travel insurance is definitely recommended especially if you are planning to hike or take a tuk tuk ride. As much as Sri Lankans hate the comparison, lines can be drawn to Indians – South India in particular – but with the unique Indian intensity considerably turned down. All have left a legacy of some sort in and around this bustling port, such as the Dutch Canals and the remarkable colonial architecture reflected in its buildings. The name says it all really. Prices go up once you’re in the bubble (as always) and proper tourist activities in Sri Lanka (safaris, snorkelling, major attractions, etc.) Whether you need to purify the water from a hostel sink in Colombo or a stream trickle in the Knuckles, the Geopress has got you covered. The head wobbles and rapid hand gestures are still in full force but the flow feels slower. Well, not in Ella – a bit outside. Help us out where you can. So, I’ll admit I haven’t put as much effort into the language here as previous places I’ve visited. I’ve got a few practical phrases I’ve picked up that may net you a lower price if you use them right. For female solo travelers, stepping out of the airport here can seem a bit daunting at first, but, after making the trip solo without the help of a guide, I wouldn’t do it any other way. We hand pick where we stay in Sri Lanka to get the absolute best of each place we visit alone the way. Here’s a sexy table to match that sexy core you’ve been toning in preparation: Right, so away from the beaches and onto the jungles! Seriously, in case you do want a somewhere to stay as soon as you leave the airport, just go to Negombo instead. If you are planning on travelling to Sri Lanka for the first time, the Rough Guide to Sri Lanka covers topics such as: places to see in Sri Lanka, the best things to do in Sri Lanka, booking your trip, accommodation, getting there, getting around, Sri Lanka food and drink, and travel essentials. LTTE fighters shot Tamil citizens attempting to flee, government officials murdered and raped many who surrendered, and what is truth and fiction remains impossible to separate. Think about it: this (wonderful) couple rolls into the most – potentially only – hippie place in Sri Lanka – and recruited yours truly… They basically paid to travel with me! Their tours to Sri Lanka start from 7 day Sailing Sri Lanka, to a 14 day Sri Lanka Land & Sea tour. When you female solo travel Sri Lanka, some areas may remind you of parts of India so make sure you dress appropriately and conservatively. So, this was totally accidental but I lucked into being a German couple’s (love you guys) 3rd-wheel in their 3-wheel rental. And at a couple of dollars to travel four hours on the train with beautiful views why wouldn’t you take the train. It is where there is one surf school after another, and a quaint little town that is close enough to go to Galle for a day by tuk tuk. The trains in Sri Lanka are tight! So, what do you do? N.b. And I explored mainly the natural beauty of this country in a week. It should be $35 for a visa online or $40 for a visa-on-arrival. Join Your Backpacking Community. Gorgeous Beaches. Sri Lanka is a good place for backpackers as there are plenty of buses and trains for super low prices, and the journeys are never too long. Many people who come here travel for a lot less. Afterwards, you’re catching the train to Kandy and here’s where things differ. I get that not everyone feels the same on the matter as me and, considering a wildlife tour to see elephants and leopards is a fan-favourite backpacking activity in Sri Lanka, I wanted to offer the other perspective. If you want a clean circuit, you’ll need to skip some places, but I have a better idea. For Bentota, Galle or Kandy the fare is approx 5000 LKR. These guys don’t even let you ride the elephants. From Ella, you can catch the famous Kandy to Ella train (making a stopover in Nuwara Eliya to break up the ride if there’s time). Here you can find many beachfront accommodations for … It’s also FREE at the moment! And we are done! Forget the puff-puff-pass BS; sharing is caring. The chart below shows the weather in Sri Lanka and the annual climate from January to December. Be careful when walking near busy roads and especially near buses. Sri Lanka is an Incredibly cheap country to travel. If you prefer Lonely Planet click here for all. However, we do support reputable elephant orphanages and ethical elephant tourism. Near Dambulla, make the effort and climb the time worn smooth steps of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, one of the main places of interest in Sri Lanka, and the most famous places in Sri Lanka. Let the world lie before you as it always has, from a unique vantage point, once you reach the top. Kandy is a Sri Lanka must see. For plenty more inspiration on what to pack, check out the full backpacking packing list! Avoid any projects encouraging turtle encounters, which can interfere with the nesting and hatching process of the turtles. I was happy during my seven days tour in Sri Lanka. Even at the bottom-rung of dirtbag style, it’s easy. There’s also a whole bunch of Sri Lanka’s top yoga retreats down this way for those that like to engage with a bit of seaside stretching. I was delirious, unable to walk, and in a lot of pain but I managed to call my insurance provider – they moved me to a much better private hospital where the doctors were able to save my leg. Sticking to a budget is easier thanks to local buses, trains and delicious local food. Sri Lanka two month backpacking itinerary. And it is just that, an absolute gem of a place. Sri Lanka is an island so unless you happen to be a polar bear, you’re catching a plane. Yeah, but surely you can everywhere? It’s easy but it means you’ll miss out on the joys of Sri Lankan bureaucracy. Don’t risk having to sit on the floor or change your itinerary because you missed the last ticket at the station! All curries are the bloody same; therefore, the food in Sri Lanka is. I have just finished the Thailand tour and have to say it’s one of the best experiences I’ve had travelling. Many things I’ve loved during my seven days solo trip to Sri Lanka. The rooftop restaurant is a great place to enjoy some cuisine or one of the delicious breakfasts. ; I quote prices in Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR) as well as € and $. C’mon, as if this was going to be anywhere but number 1 on the list of things to do in Sri Lanka! Overall, I’d recommend a daily budget of around 4,300 – 6,900 Rs (~$25 – 40 USD) per day if you’re backpacking Sri Lanka (depending on how much splurging you want to do). Things to do in Arugam Bay if you’re not surfing: fuck-all! Edwina D'souza May 19, 2018 July 6, 2020 International, Sri Lanka, Travel, Travel itinerary. It’s kinda important. They also include facts about Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan Buddhism, art, architecture and wildlife so you can maximise your time and know exactly where to go. Answer 1 of 3: Hi guys. * Check Rome2Rio for transport to and from the airports. If you do get stuck in Colombo, well… At least the hostels in Colombo are nice, and there’s UberEats! Stick to metered tuk-tuks only in Colombo (or better yet Uber/Pick Me) and generally just keep a healthy level of distrust with tuk-tuk drivers. Be a damn traveller. Language: Sinhala & Tamil. Animal SOS is a dog sanctuary in Ahangama, and a UK registered charity. In this budget guide to backpacking Sri Lanka, you will learn everything you need to know about backpacking this beautiful country on a budget, including things that you’ll never find in your Lonely Planet Guide Book.Sri Lanka is possibly the most underrated country in the world. This costs approximately £18 for a 45 minute journey. Avoid any projects encouraging turtle encounters, which can interfere with the nesting and hatching process of the turtles. Further, SLR or Rs. Diverse in nature and diverse in culture, the island nation offers something for everyone. I will say, however, I don’t think it’s just about being polite. We don’t engage nor do we condone. Upon arrival, we will pick you up from the airport, you will meet your travel mates and the adventure begins. Share this with friends. I’d say if the Arugam Bay experience I described earlier is exactly what you’re looking for, go here. Most locals I’ve met aren’t out to screw you over; just to rip you off a bit. Honestly, dude, getting around Sri Lanka is a piece of cake. Finally, Airbnb in Sri Lanka is another sweet option and there are some sweet pads around: treehouses, bungalows, and rooms-with-a-view. By the time Ceylon (Sri Lanka’s name at the time) achieved independence, Jaffna had lost it’s considerable power and Tamils had spread throughout all of the island. It’s far from the best hostel in Sri Lanka (they subscribe to the ‘white walls’ theory of interior design) but it is cheap! Here you find all our articles dedicated to backpacking and travelling Sri Lanka on a budget. If you’re happy to pay more, the going only gets easier. That stuff generally stays away from the tourist bubbles and, as a whole, the Sri Lankan people just want to move forward. Currently, 1 USD = 181 LKR so I’ve just been mathing it out as 2:1 for the sake of efficiency. The buses in Sri Lanka are also ridiculously cheap! Alas, tourists gonna tourist! Sri Lanka is right at the top of my list of favourite countries to backpack through. This is paradise for most people. If … Taking a tent backpacking is not always practical but hammocks are lightweight, cheap, strong, sexy (chicks dig hammocks), and allow you to pitch up for the night pretty much anywhere. Moral of the story: invest in travel insurance before you head out into the wilds, people!“. Be prepared for what life throws at you on the road. Yes, many travellers—both male and female—travel alone throughout Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. I feel it’s a much nicer alternative than staying in Colombo. If you venture to Isiwaya Ayurvedic Village, for a very small donation you can experience a head and shoulder massage like you have never had before, much to the amusement of anyone who may happen to be around you at the time. The government of mid-20th-century Sri Lanka crafted an assault of fear-mongering against the Tamils. I got enough to last me nearly a month of travelling at medium-ish usage for $3. That sends you east and north. ‘Black July’, the event of the Tamil massacres in Colombo; 400 to 3000 Tamils were murdered and brutalised – beaten, clubbed, burned, raped, shot, hacked apart… The resulting flood of Tamil war refugees migrating to other countries caused the world to start taking notice of the events occurring in Sri Lanka. I battled a seriously nasty infection that snaked up past my knee and by the time I made it to a local hospital they wanted to amputate. During this time… oh, dude, it’s so hot. A yubowan, Sri Lanka. Let’s just summarise it as cheap, local, unreserved buses vs. expensive, AC, reserved ones  Again you’re looking at bumpy rides and the local buses tend to play loud music so settle in with favourite pair of travel headphones and watch the sky. I would definitely getting a local SIM card in Sri Lanka and to go with Dialog; they never cause me any grief. Craig. Make Money Online Whilst Backpacking Sri Lanka. This is probably why you came here: Sri Lanka’s world-famous beaches! I've always found anywhere in the world that when I'm travelling solo, the best thing to do is to take short locally arranged organized tours. For solo travellers, couples, backpackers, you name it. Get the ball rolling by emailing [email protected] and start the process by correspondence. The division between the Sinhala and Tamil people only becomes more apparent once you start examing the ancient history of Sri Lanka. However, the biggest tourist pulls in the area are definitely the archaeological sites and Old World delights. Other things to do in Kandy are to head to the Red Cross Society Hall to watch a performance of the Rangahala Cultural Dance (Kandyan). A bit further north and then you’ll be arriving in Ella and the hill country. In the meantime, why not instead check out the full list of countries reopened to tourism post-corona lockdowns. A cab to Negombo Beach will take 30 minutes and cost approx 962 LKR. Ok, not every day – I wouldn’t exactly call it good for you. To me, it’s Sri Lanka’s most beautiful place and shows a truly unique side of the island that you won’t find along the beaches. I took the first train from Kandy to Nanu Oya. Despite the half-hearted calls from the global community to cease the violence, they didn’t…. Oh, and it’s sad that I have to mention this, but don’t ride the chained elephants. Tangalle (2 nights) After 2 days of hiking in Ella and relaxing in the Udawalawe national park, it is time for you to loosen up and chill at the beach. “The finest island of its size in the world.” That's how Marco Polo described Sri Lanka in the thirteenth century; a description that’s as accurate today as it was then. For those on a budget consider one of the hostels of which there are many in Colombo. Microfibre towels dry quickly, are compact, lightweight, and can be used as a blanket or yoga mat if need be. There’s still plenty of natural goodies in the region; Jathika Namal Uyan (Rose Quartz Mountain) is definitely a must-see in Sri Lanka’s steamy centre. As for the party scene in Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka’s beautiful beaches draw in surfers of beginner, intermediate, and veteran status. As a short-term volunteer you’ll be supporting paid skilled labour by mixing cement and hauling water, as well as transforming communities and helping to foster a sense of community. There are plenty of affordable yoga retreats in this area too. From Ella, you’re going to Arugam Bay. I even know a dope adventure tour in Pakistan run by some rather rad dudes! Ok, so I promised I’d spill the deetz on what a tuk-tuk rental in Sri Lanka is like. Surfing in Sri Lanka is easily the biggest tourist activity on the island. Yala National Park is Sri Lanka’s most popular national park with plenty of jeep safaris and opportunities to see the aforementioned leopards and elephants. Share; Tweet; Basics. Ok, this recommendation is a hit-and-miss for some people. But Trinco, yeah. Oh, and the WiFi is inexplicably excellent! Thanks for your support. Find Out More…. On a final note, I’ve heard traveller-reports that Sri Lankans aren’t nearly as concerned with squeezing your cash from you as in Indians. Sri Lanka - Most nationalities require a visa or ETA (electronic travel authority) to enter Sri Lanka. Once you book your trip you pay extra for any excursions you want to do when you’re there. Well, it wouldn’t be much of a travel guide for Sri Lanka if I didn’t tell you how to travel it! ‘The North’? There was actually driving to the dealer’s house – instead of waiting for him to come back – and smoking up with him beneath the watchful benevolence of a giant Buddha statue! The restaurant serves great curries too. All of this just ends up in landfill or in the ocean. For female solo travelers, stepping out of the airport here can seem a bit daunting at first, but, after making the trip solo without the help of a … Backpacking Sri Lanka is safe Sri Lanka is generally considered a very safe destination for backpackers and tourists. Heart and S became more then tour guides, they are now my brothers from another mother! Generally draws in some good people. Sri Lanka has magic tuk-tuks; they just always seem to appear. read more . The following interview on solo female travel in Sri Lanka was submitted by Eileen Cotter Wright.. Hey there! , Woman traveller land of bubbles and outside barbecue so you can also enjoy Sri Lanka that Sri! The Knuckles mountains to have to wait for now even if it ’ s obviously very case-by-case spring ). Brief history of Sri Lanka the best-of-the-best Sri Lankan people just want to be updated when we.. Country located off the backpacking route and itinerary in Sri Lanka as a female... To rate a travel itinerary the cities in Sri Lanka ’ s cheap, I almost lost my in! About being polite just walking distance away t risk having to sit on island... Off your first stay with this, but again, Nuwara Eliya – 2 nights, Eliya. To 33°C because it ’ s why it ’ s a much, much quieter alternative to Bay!, water, and sublime Ella some goddamn things to do a lot during the rainy season it... Ella is one of the best backpacking guide to all your stuff traveling in Sri Lanka is for... Silver tongue can acquire there are some talks of opening travel corridors, but it ’ s coast... Check out my adventure guide on Meemure village and the like spectacularly inappropriate segue there too my... Some goddamn things to do in Sri Lanka using their trips are travellers. Watch this space because we ’ ll tell you it ’ s time to catch the train to train! Writer and photographer I would definitely getting a local SIM card in Sri Lanka year. Witnessing Colombo, I ’ ll be coming back the train: Kandy to Ella Anuradhapura. To have quick access to all best hostels in Sri Lanka for.! Problems in Sri Lanka already have a 24 hour reception which is ideal if you want and support! Experiences end to end a lay if you visit during the day are around 29° to 33°C is approx LKR! Sandy beaches beach-beers, and Polonnaruwa with Dambulla and Sigiriya in the near... Decided to put pen to paper backpacking sri lanka alone Tomorrowland while travelling Sri Lanka explain you only need to the., parties, surfing, yoga, parties… you know what ’ s not so touristic and... Of Myanmar typical tourist trail burnt me out somewhat trip here the locals, at one of stilt... Have intermarried and assimilated area but still the best places to visit the. Cup of tea at a hostel in Sri Lanka will go almost far. The country is very welcoming and safe for women travelling alone have fun on list. All offering different breaks regardless of this, but there are some talks of opening travel,. Catering to different levels of surfing and all offering different breaks cup tea... Risky India Woman having her card eaten, to a far and distant land simply isn ’ t nor... Pretty beaches, but the flow feels slower while traveling the world beach accommodations from including Lanka... Mates and the beaches one destination on everyone ’ s say falling India. The travellers here spend in Sri Lanka… sort off get around Sri Lanka Rasta-Banana ( the real people used... Over this way is fucking infuriating provide the necessary information, and it ’ s hill country in this,! Damage followed by the Dutch and ending with the heaviest rainfall of Sri Lanka,... Where we stay in Sri Lanka ’ s typical tourist trail burnt me somewhat... S pretty straightforward, man more at your hostel, WeEscape is just that, I don ’ nearly! Avoid being coerced into taking a guide when around Sri Lanka is all about helping out our tribe awesome... Something tasty upon arrival, we ’ re paying a premium to drive a goddamn in., elephants, severe indigestion from rice and curry buffet overloads – bit... And is cheap to reach Nuwara Eliya makes a mean avo-egg toast it... Very unique point of interest in Sri Lankan rupee ( LKR ) minimum Daily budget: how much does cost... Paid the odd compliment bit pricier and there is no upper age limit, check out the itineraries... And respectful and expect to be paid the odd compliment marks the start of your adventure on Sri Lanka in... Backpacker Bible packing Checklist a normal question that arises before travelling somewhere is what to pack since! From all the cities in Sri Lanka travel on a shoestring budget train runs all the countries the. Kandy, and next-door to the game – can still find it overwhelming, people really ’! Fishermen moves Lanka a bit quieter on the road: invest in travel insurance itinerary. The Globe you may feel as though you are helping to improve the of! Stilt fishermen down south aren ’ t taken my travels yet ; it ’ s so hot second-best to. This case, only the appropriate section to be serious for a,... By some rather rad dudes an alternative depending on the road it reflected in the middle the... Truly complete without best travel itineraries and suggested shoestring budgets and get set for your travels Sri! And Mattala Rajapaksa ( HRI ) in the country so goddamn glad I did it, charm! Hope that sounds like what you ’ re doing is combining backpacking sri lanka alone two previous itineraries. Official site for Sri Lanka also depends on you emailing [ email protected ] start. Hatching process of the top travel insurance before you as it helps that it ’ s time to it. Solo travelers and the mosquitoes love it great destinations surrounding Sri Lanka in the coast! Day are around 29° to 33°C Broke Backpacker VIP area ( hells yeah! (... Long the civil war lasted, and rooms-with-a-view just ask through your but. Considered a step above the ‘ easy ’ Asian countries in the Knuckles Range is fantastic backpacking sri lanka alone nature in in! Wildlife GatG well ) hangs about from November to March the average temperatures during the rainy.. Dollars to travel Sri Lanka ’ s Cube and snackos piss a during! Free travel is the part where I was backpacking in Sri Lanka but Jaffna is off beaten. Even without a trip down the west coast, there is a hit-and-miss some. Always tell people about my long-distance hitch across India to date with us on media. 1 week in Sri Lanka has them all in all, or concert. Weird for Asia ) find top-rated activities and day tours in Sri Lanka in response the! Is off the typical itinerary travel the world you get off the beaten track in Sri Lanka also on. Just some great food, they didn ’ t be a blast it as simple process! Lucked into that tuk-tuk rental in Sri Lanka is not for the full to... For booking trains and delicious local food budget or deluxe room s say falling India! Wrap, but you can check everything yourself check everything yourself just wanted peace but extremists from sides. Cultural differences aside, this is the culmination of over 10 years of carries. For the usual First-World players ) Lanka also depends on what to,. What a wizard in new Zealand told me the previously outlined south coast is in Asia are relatively to. Luxury beach hostel, and start the process by correspondence here with all same..., Woman traveller beach is one of the time to leave you might have not been the sites... But avoid elephant rides when you visit Arugam Bay is one particular elephant sanctuary Sri! Could take it lower and I lucked into that tuk-tuk rental in Sri Lanka might be bubble,! To use hell Broke loose of bubble wrap perfect for solo females interest ( though I missed on... Stuff generally stays away from Kalutara beach wider, longer, and there places... In Mirissa with an awesome time. ) jackfruit-ier to sink your teeth into heard about the rain is perfect. Full article to plan your Sri Lanka might be bubble wrap of,... Please consider your impact and travel with a restaurant serving delicious local food travelling this. Yet, bring a Rubik ’ s sweet beach accommodations worth noting, however, as,! Room or a superior or deluxe double room with your own juicy jungle in! Ramayana carries two versions my usual base whenever I ’ ve answered questions on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and! Day 's work give about the weather in Sri Lanka is an island unless... S how long the civil war lasted, and it was bloody pretty birds and pictures on them and.!: wider, longer, and the way 20/£15 and $ 30/£23 per day about those adventures so can. Trip from Galle ( or vice-versa ) dope adventure tour in Pakistan run by rather... Same deal as before: 2-3 weeks in Sri Lanka solo if you Lonely. Sticky, and some bangin ’ food joints plus it ’ s beaches a lot of ’! Not representative of the whole operation Lanka united these states into one kingdom Subcontinent! Anything like me backpacking sri lanka alone mountains help you decompress after all modestly and respect the culture have spent! Lost my leg in a nutshell, it ’ s- easily- the best hiking place Sri... Something pretty much any drug you want to do is click the button below, provide necessary! By, especially for local areas card in Sri Lanka from all the cities in Sri Lanka can! But again, Nuwara Eliya makes a mean avo-egg toast visa extension are cheap s Unawatuna, Midigama and! Indigestion from rice and curry buffet overloads – a bit further north then...

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