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This LiPo pack is small in size (65.5x34.13mm) and also comes with a JST-XH balance plug installed. MG903 servo. Make your model look as real as possible today with accessories from Tamiya. The gearbox is now assembled with the Tamiya emblazoned cover. The Mini Lunchbox just soaks it all up. Does anyone know if this is possible? I had an exclusive hands on last year but now I have one here and ready to build, so let's take a closer look. Pre-Owned. The suspension is basic and badly damped. It has been a fan favorite for its original appearance as much as for its R/C performance. ), and at weekend we were out walking and happened upon a … A place for all things Tamiya. Again it arrived quickly and well packaged with the great customer support and go... A RC car site with detailed Reviews, Tips, Racing reports and set-ups. https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/110-fwd-road-cars-ff010203/rc-dual-rider-trike/, 57409 Tamiya Lunch Box Mini Tamiya Lunch Box Body. This particular ZEEE 3600MAH NiMH battery is perfect for my 4 year old's Tamiya Lunchbox paired with a fully automatic 4 amp charger that he can manage himself. Make Offer - Tamiya TRF419X rolling chassis tom rcf body tamiya rims and tires 200mm Custom Paint POR-962 4Tec HPI TC7 Lipo Drift MST 1/10 WB=257mm Body Only $45.00 6d 16h Wheelbase: 8" from Center to center of wheel-wells. Available from your local Tamiya Stockist. A pair of cheap 1s 300mah lipo packs that I unwrapped and re-soldered into a 2s pack with a JST connector to match the esc. Grab Your Lunch Box and Let’s Go to the Park! Tamiya describes this as a minivan body on their website. It even comes with a JST-XH balance plug soldered in place. This R/C assembly kit recreates a fun and boxy classic VAN with over-sized monster truck tires. MUCHMORE LIPO BAGS; MUCHMORE LIPO REGULATORS ; MUCHMORE MINI Z ACCESSORIES; MUCHMORE MOTOR COOLERS; MUCHMORE NITRO ACCESSORIES; MUCHMORE PIT ACCESSORIES ... Home » SPARES » TAMIYA SPARES » LUNCHBOX » #TA335080 - TAMIYA LUNCH BOX BODY. I used Tamiya Mini 4WD 8T Metal & Plastic Pinion Gear Set TAM15289 for the 8t pinion. Updated 2019 Since  our review of the TT02 , The Tamiya TT02 has really established itself as the entry level kit of choice. Brand New. 1/12 RC Lunchbox Kit. Another one of Tamiya’s classic creations, the R/C Lunch Box or Lunchbox (1st released, 1987) was loved for its camp appearance as much as for its R/C performance. Tamiya Lunchbox Brushless - Most Fun RC Beach Basher Ever ? From Japan. Regular price Sold out Sale price $18.88 Sale. It's a fantastic piece of engineering and importantly it allows the chassis to be balanced front and rear so that it is able to be really well balanced for its intended stunt action! You have to look for a 7.4v lipo that must be under 66x36x30mm. This is an unassembled kit. Log In Sign Up. This is the replacement body for the Tamiya Lunch Box kit TAMC0357. Use the sides of the van as a canvas to paint your own original designs for the ultimate conversation piece! tamiya, inc. jp eng. Tamiya Toyota GAZOO Racing TS050 Hybrid 2019 1/10 2WD Car Kit (F103GT) The chassis is a typical bathtub shape with a gearbox shoved on the back with a single pivot connecting the whole thing, at the front you have two wishbones connecting straight onto a simple hub. My budget is ~$250, and I never intend on getting super deep into this hobby. Tamiya XB Racing Fighter DT03 RTR This is the 1/12 scale electric powered, radio controlled, Tamiya Lunch Box Off-Road Van kit. Jul 12, 2017 - English subtitles are available. This LiPo pack slips right into both the T3-01 and Lunchbox Mini battery area and includes a standard Tamiya plug, matching up perfectly to the kit-supplied TBLE-02 ESC. New Tamiya Lunchbox Mini Teaser Pics. or Best Offer. The boxy minivan body raised up over monster truck wheels ensure that this R/C van will get attention anywhere you choose to drive it. Bearings from avidrc.com I am really interested in fixing it up and possibly putting some upgrades on it to make it faster with better/stronger parts. https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/110-trucks/rc-lunch-box-mini/. Free shipping. Tamiya Lunchbox Upgrades? The 4WD drive train uses a tandem transmission design where the motor sits in the middle and one spur geart goes clockwise, the other anti-clockwise and they transfer the power equally through the rest of the gears to the front and rear of the car. … Buy it: http://www.gforce-hobby.jp/products/GFG201.html. Hello Lunchbox thread. There is provision for an 18t 0.6mod pinion, but you would need a brass pipe adapter to fit the std pinion (They adaptors come with the Tamiya option motors). Category. If you own one of our Dancing/Dual Riders or the Lunchbox Mini, you know that it requires a smaller-than-normal battery pack to power it. Super versatile. 3.6k members in the tamiya community. © 1992-2021 Tamiya USA All Rights Reserved. The counter gears are mounted into the tiny gearbox half, spinning on tiny 630 bearings. For 20 years I’ve been meaning to build a Tamiya Lunch Box (street priced around $114, part #58347) but alas, procrastination is a terrible mistress.When I was younger I never had the cash. It is one of Tamiya's classic creations from the 1980’s (First released in 1987). Product Name +/-Creation Date. First announced last week, the folks at Tamiya have released more teaser images of their upcoming Lunchbox Mini.The Lunchbox Mini is a fun new take on an old classic that has many Tamiya collectors clamoring for more information. see less LiPo batteries require perfect care. $247.00. tamiya lunchbox running 3s lipo and traxxas velineon esc and 3500kv motor from a traxxas slash 4x4. Hot Racing TLB201M06 Blue Aluminum Body Mounts (4): Tamiya … 2S Lipo 3500kv RC Monster Truck. Shop For Tamiya. tamiya america, inc. tamiya europe gmbh. I plan on building sand ramps/pits and jumping and beating my Lunchbox during my beach days. It measures 69x40.5x14.5mm and weighs about 74g. The Tamiya SW-01 Mini Lunchbox has been superb at feeding my RC craze whilst in this lockdown period. Tamiya Lunch box Spare Body Set 1/12 Scale Genuine Rare Free Shipping from Japan. I am not looking for super-insane performance. https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/110-fwd-road-cars-ff010203/rc-dancing-rider-trike/, 57407 Tamiya Dual Rider LiPo EC5 Plug 15.2 HV Traxxas Plug Batteries Traxxas Plug Batteries Menu ... Tamiya Lunch Box & Hornet. Filmed on Bournemouth beach 2016 using GoPro 3+. Play, race build and have fun. Both of these are great options for your Tamiya rides! And we also strongly recommend to install the 54898 “Connector Set”, available as a Hop Up part. This kit comes with a sprue with plastic bushings, but I decided that I would use bearings, so I got a set from the excellent. I use a vapextech 3300mah 2s lipo in my lunchbox, lasts a good long time and as the others say it gives excellent punch and lots of chuckles I would have thought the stock-pack style lipos would fit anywhere that could take 6-cell nimhs to be honest, just watch out for the balance lead as it could be a bit exposed. It has Tamiya … Press J to jump to the feed. Shopping CART CLOSED for INVENTORY from Dec 21-JAN 13, 2021, http://www.gforce-hobby.jp/products/GFG201.html, https://www.venompower.com/venom-fly-30c-2s-1300mah-7-4v-lipo-battery-with-uni-2-0-plug-25005, https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/110-fwd-road-cars-ff010203/rc-dancing-rider-trike/, https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/110-fwd-road-cars-ff010203/rc-dual-rider-trike/, https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/110-trucks/rc-lunch-box-mini/. Get the best paints, decals and tools in the model business. Th... https://www.thercracer.com/2020/06/57409-tamiya-sw-01-lunchbox-mini-build.html. Close. We've found 2 different packs that work great; one is from GForce and the other from Venom. My sons had his Tamiya Lunchbox for almost 18 months (best christmas present ever? I've got one pre-ordered for my daughter for Christmas this year as no where seems to have them at the moment, I have got some upgrade parts already ordered - Fastrax shocks / Bearing kit / Ampro chassis brace instead of 5th shock / Pink Paint and customised sticker set. GForce 1400mAh 30c 7.4v LiPo Battery This LiPo pack slips right into both the T3-01 and Lunchbox Mini battery area and includes a standard Tamiya plug, matching up perfectly to the kit-supplied TBLE-02 ESC. This is a complete build from start to finish of Tamiya's Lunchbox radio control van. Sort by. The boxy minivan body raised up over monster truck wheels ensure that this R/C van will get attention anywhere you choose to drive it. Also when looking at powering the SW-01, you need to remember that the chassis is tiny so a std 2cell lipo will not fit. The Tamiya Lunchbox is kind of iconic in the RC world its been around for 3 decades now and barely changed. 30a mini brushed esc from ebay with switch removed to keep wires under control. The motor fits into a mount and you get a push on plastic 16t pinion. Your email has been successfully added to the list. This is the body from the tamiya lunch box kit. User account menu. Since then, Tamiya has been striving to offer merchandise that can truly be called "First in Quality Around the World." Bonus points for this pack - it has a UNI2.0 plug system attached, meaning you can run an XT60 connector, EC3 or Deans connector! 54705 Tamiya Dancing Rider Its ... (Check out the TRF419 in-depth build and review (Above) follow this link) So with the TRF419 being announced there has been a lot of di... Official cad image Tamiya has announced its new FWD chassis and for all of those that have followed the progress of the TRF417FF o... Fusion Hobbies recently delivered me a nice new TT02. Product SKU. I made a lipo shorty pack tray for my lunchbox. TAMIYA 1/24 LUNCH BOX MINI 4WD ASSEMBLY KIT, SW-01 CHASSIS, 57409. Does not include windows or grille section. I used a carson 1700 Mah battery that is available in the UK and is easy to source, has lots of capacity and is priced around £15. It measures 69x40.5x14.5mm and weighs about 74g. Let's take a quick look at both. Based on 75 ratings. Hot Racing TLB1750 Aluminum Counter Gear (17/50t) - Tamiya Lunch Box & Hornet. Whether that is just bashing about, pulling stunts or making little time trials. I haven't used it in years and today took it out of storage. Contact, GF-01 chassis cars such as the Heavy Dump Truck, Tamiya Suspension Mount Ultimate setting Guide and charts, Tamiya TT02 guide, Mods, tuning and tips for club racing. The SW-01 is still a new 1/24 4WD chassis kit that is that has a lot of very innovative features. Tamiya 54927 RC Clear Body Set Lunch Box Mini Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name Its great fun to drive around. The boxy minivan body has been raised up over monster truck wheels to ensure that this R/C van will grab the attention wherever you choose to drive it. I don't need brushless anything. Written by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. 1/12 RC Lunchbox Kit $ 299.99 $ 269.99. Product Spotlight Throwback Thursday Edition – Tamiya Lunch Box. As known from the T3-01, the vehicle literally lays in the corners. We choose a small Lipo capable Hobbywing ESC, combined with compact size Softcase 3000mAh Lipo for a very long run times. Manufacturer name. The Tamiya suspension mounts are a powerful tuning option to help you refine the way in which your car will handle on the track. Lunchbox has a 3500kv Radient Reaktor waterproof brushless system. Tamiya ventured into the modeling business in 1948, with a scale wooden ship model kit. The spur gears are added next, the gears are made from strong glass re-enforced plastic. See below for items needed to complete this kit. … Another one of Tamiya’s classic creations, the R/C Lunch Box (1st released in 1987) was loved for its camp appearance as much as for its R/C performance. Hard Case Race Edition LiPo 6500 2S 7.4v Dual Core Battery Pack. Regular price $160.00. I want to buy a Tamiya Lunchbox for thrashing around on the beach with my 2.5 year old son. The new Tamiya Lunch Box Mini offers pure driving pleasure. Watch Tamiya Tamiya Cw-01 Cw01 Lunch Box Body Yellow Painted Customer Goods 18085337. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Buy it: https://www.venompower.com/venom-fly-30c-2s-1300mah-7-4v-lipo-battery-with-uni-2-0-plug-25005. They can only remain fully charged on the shelf for no more than 48 hours or damage will start to occur. When I was young my parents got me a RC offroad truck Vanessa's Lunchbox made by Tamiya.

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