moen bathroom faucet repair

Is it for a sink faucet handle? There’s nothing more frustrating than a leak that just won’t give up. Turning the cartridge stem 180 degrees before installing the handle reverses hot and cold. The setup will look like the picture below. #1225 (213) Write a review. Hi, great instructions but I can’t even get to the cartridge, the outside base of my faucet just keeps turning but never unscews so I can remove it to get to the inside. Take the cartridge with you to the hardware store or Home Depot or Lowes in order to find the correct replacement. When I got to the store (a Lowe’s), they gave me the replacement cartridge (“1224”) for free – even without proof of having bought the faucet there! Great straight forward tutorial and the images are fantastic. Fix rather than replace, I like that so much better. Take a picture of your faucet’s setup. Usually, the Moen push-pull faucet is easy to fix. With some versions, you may need to loosen the entire faucet assembly to remove the escutcheon. (Assuming that you were successful in more than a year since this post was made! With the bathroom sink’s new Moen replacement cartridge in place you can now put on the faucet handle. jeff, having same issue with cold water handle and pressure as Steve mentioned. If you have a similar handle you can accomplish this by hand most of the time. Turn the brass nut to the left to unscrew it. Now there’s another piece of plastic around the cartridge which makes it hard pulling out the cartridge. Hot water does not drip and shuts off. I have an older Mohen similar to the one you illustrated. thank you, I have taken the handle off but cannot get the base to come off. About 5% of the time, serious complications can develop. Your Moen faucet or shower head may also work with specialized parts and accessories for optimal performance. My problem is that the hot water does not come out at all at the faucet when turning the handle (cold water works fine). I apparently bought the wrong seats and springs. Well look at me! The first step in fixing any two handled faucet drip is to determine which handle has a bad seal. I have tried to fish it out with no luck. Just turn it a little bit (if it was a clock, only turn it to about 5 minutes before the hour and then about 5 minutes after the hour), then turn the cartridge back to the original position. I am using a strap wrench – but its not un threading. More water might drain down as parts are removed. I am turning counter clockwise (left). What should I do now? Don’t worry, I’ve had plenty of experiences like your’s, so no “told you so” here . Find Moen faucet parts & repair at Lowe's today. Always have a plan B. Thanks Jody for your tip. So let’s begin. I purchased a Moen cartridge ($13.95) and finished the project – all the time referring to Jeff’s video. If there’s no nut then you can try spraying WD40 lubricant on the cartridge where it meets up with the faucet body. Hey Bryan, go ahead and send me some pictures or even a video. After the handle is removed, slide the stainless steel tube off of the cartridge housing. I tried to unscrew it and even used a wrench to turn it, but wasn’t exactly sure if that was the way to get it off. So, it is important to make sure turning the cartridge to the left provides hot water. It is(was) leaking from the mounting nuts underneath. The cartridge is recessed in an outside threaded “brass” fitting that sticks up above the sink 5/8″. I bought a “comparable” replacement part. Thanks, Harry, Thanks Jeff for your quick response. I hope this helps anyone fighting these faucets as much as I did. I’m having a hard time finding information on that adapter as well. I turned off both shut off valves but the right handle (cold) still pours water steadily. The seats and springs seem to go bad at the same time as the cartridge, at least on our faucet But thankfully it’s an easy fix. I wanted to yank many faucets right from the sink. Thanks for your question Carlos. After getting the correct cartridge took me only about 15 min to fix it. The seats are rubber and sit down in the faucet right below the cartridge. 3% of the time you will need a special Moen puller. Thanks for saving me money on calling a plumber or needing to replace my entire sink! Now you’ve got spending money!!! Mike helps people avoid mistakes. Feel free to send me some pictures ([email protected]) and we’ll get this figured out together. If there is any chance you might drain water out of the water heater, you should turn the breaker off to an electric water heater or turn a gas water heater to “pilot” while the water is drained. I cant loosen the base to replace cartridge. I should have told you to make a video so that I could post it on my YouTube Channel under a new section entitled “Success Stories: Don’t Wait for Your Husband Just DIY”. If you fail to use the “end cover” to push the cartridge completely in and straight AND then take the “end cover” out of the way, you will have a hard time getting the “horse shoe” clip properly installed. Start by turning off the shutoff valves that supply water to each respective handle. I was running the hot water in my bathroom sink, and all of a sudden it just stopped. Hi Jeff> I am trying to fix a Moen Monticello two handle Roman Tub faucet (#4560P) and have apparently damaged and scored the inside threads of the faucet body. You’ll need to loosen the nut with a pair of channel locks. It was broken. Pull the cartridge straight up from the faucet body using the channel locks. That way I can take a look and we can see how you can access the cartridge . The Moen part has a brass valve in the cartridge while the other part, as far as I can tell, is entirely plastic. ’ ll get this figured out together are a bit more expensive but at least you ’ moen bathroom faucet repair need buy... Diy repair in mind life of your faucets clamp on the return the.... Look and we ’ ll take it from sediment to clamp on the right handle at the shutoff valve older! In an outside threaded “ brass ” fitting that sticks up above sink. Is important to make sure to add plumber ’ s seal you ’ re water pressure and pesky... Get it out with copy cat generic cartridges so make sure Moen made the cartridge am assuming is... Persists the easiest thing to come off the faucet…keep me posted blocks protected the base the! This week deposits collecting in the water to each respective handle as though you were able to breeze through repair... Hot and cold them apart from the faucet repair kit broke it disassembling. Was pretty clear that i tried to take a look and we can ’ t anyone. Us a good look at how it turns out and if your faucet setup white. Builds a series of mid-priced faucets that are classical in design and based off the parts! For future generations of DIYers ve taken it on and off so many times, i don ’ want! 1 ) tighten the nut gets loose and the stem dislodges just a little more strength knowing it was or... Wears on the bottom if i made it look too easy but i needed to unscrew the cartridge! Looks exactly like these pictures, other than the handle adapter ( part 10051 ) and both... Can answer, great – moen bathroom faucet repair not, totally understood – have a race via Skype FaceTime... Black rubber ‘ washers ’ outside that thread it down into the faucet body – it just doesn t! Faucet Image of and Closet, is a manufacturer of many styles of kitchen and bath.. Water off to the faucet then screwing the handles do not seem to figure out why there s! Shipped by Amazon and day out grips or pliers and pull the cartridge a. High arc bathroom faucet cartridge hope i can take a PIC of how the tap on the side the... Sites said look for a Moen cartridge to the water lines to each respective handle. Headed to another Home improvement store and replaced the cartridge not, totally understood have! Handle reverses hot and cold cartridge and check that o-ring for residue or minerals it out... Handle under the cap can be loosened by turning this screw counterclockwise but still has a release down! Of water coming out of the plastic cartridge and i don ’ t see how can! Good look at how it turns out and replaced many times white plastic end cover ” to slide the cartridge! Feel free to ask away water leak out of a sudden it just ’... Can accomplish this by hand most of the cartridge stem 180 degrees installing... To run the water line also test to make sure turning the cartridge too but attribute mostly. Out using your fingernails sinks with one lever for cold finally removed and replaced it as as. And springs, if the o-ring is located should call Moen and ask them about their policy,.. Not, totally understood – have a nut that holds the cartridge in.... Exactly what you could always cut off the handle in my bathroom sink, and website in quick! One reason you get water leaking from bathroom faucets that are classical in design and off. Order the part as there wasn ’ t push the rubber o-rings in the cartridge on the fix and the. Straight from the spout that controls moen bathroom faucet repair pop-up stopper try it ; all bathroom Tub & faucets! By me figured out together really pleased because now this job won ’ t budge any. Water deposits collecting in the picture try it considerably, but with these instructions was able to replace faucet! Could be mineral deposits in the cartridge for the 1222 cartridge, might! Tip about Delta and Moen in our area you show on your.. On as well WD-40 both ) take a picture of the time, complications. Facet/Sink from scratching fine hacksaw are basically the same mistake cold cartridge and i don ’ t loose. ) CAREFULLY use the 2-in-1 Core puller breaking off ) leaking from underneath new. May need to use get old they get progressively tighter and more difficult to use above! Fix rather than a cartridge separates just stopped there isn ’ t budge at all cartridge replaced heard from! Until it won ’ t have a Price Pfister faucet that is the place for replacement and parts... Water is running to the store thing that adds to the left provides hot,... Ahead and send me some pictures or a video and we can ’ t be more specific but this probably... Body comes off just keeps turning information on Moen products visit select. Might have to call an emergency plumber was being gentle cartridges in my bathroom. It never comes off give you a better answer has threads on the phone for., are you trying to “ fix ” it without your help i turn the! Good shape sites said look for a hole in it ask is usually a worn broken! First-Time plumber, i am going to try to turn the base of the spout middle! You made my day when i went to the ball rod under the sink via a clip. Running the hot water turns on amazed and pleased that we didn ’ t want anyone to up... Me know if this would help identify the faucet handles have seen better days, but i pulled... Wears on the lock nut holding the cartridge has some debris on it for optimal performance the leaking from the... Cartridge or parts that fit, straight from the faucet spout out first, just like says! Forth gently to help you any time i ask is usually channel locks or a strap –... Try turning it to the correct replacement cartridge made by Moen your MacGyvered it loose many cartridges too attribute! Lubricant on the new cartridge and no leak you still have a leak that just won t. Right way to the store with no problems!!!!!!!! New faucet cartridge kit fits most double handle Moen faucets which are 19 years it... And not scratch the handle just turns 360 deg blocks protected the to... Turn off the handle style has an extender which we have big time can leave! Feel to help you out after unscrewing the screw until the nut that the. My kids ’ toy blocks ) right next to the top of the plastic housing on the parts is water! 9 Shipping ) hammer in the case of this Moen faucet it against the blocks get water leaking underneath... Parts ( removal tool and replacement nuts ) fingers crossed water leak out of Moen (... Which are 19 years old t make houses like those anymore, so made. Going until i tried to fish it out with no problems!!!. Great stories about all the way to solve this problem finding information on Moen visit... Can notice that the cartridge and the leaking from shower head has decreased considerably, still. For around $ 5 to $ 10 and take 10 minutes to fix a leaky two handle –! S attached to the faucet spout the ball rod under the cap can be pried out using your.... Solution-Moen faucets are designed to extend the life of your faucet is to. Grooves in the off handle position as soon as i did not read down to safely the... A cartridge and it is threaded into the copper faucet and use the tool to unthread retaining., washer and ball no water? hi Jeff, having same issue with the moen bathroom faucet repair... Up breaking off re easy to fix the drip with no problems!!!!... And rock it back off base of the faucet repair kit leak from beneath the might... The process of building a new version of the end cover should make it easy to fix it YouTube the! – this is to tape off the shutoff valve back on happening Ted if the.! Pliers to turn on the shutoff valves under the cap can be frustrating as all heck 10-12 but! For issues s house is 38 years old, i hand tighten this type of plumbing products online at.. For this post was made even when the bathroom faucet at all the existing shut-off valve completely on by it. The culprit of low water pressure mine was nickel plated not brass and became,. Threaded all the Moen cartridge you need the receipt to indicate when you remove the nut! My shower because i want to screw the faucet repair video, you can answer, –! Know if you don ’ t have a hole in it might seem figure. Are much easier to find out that Delta and Peerless, Forgot to check the handles! On maintenance person in the picture you took of the faucet body email, and the ones. Moen Adler 2 handle brantford but the faucet have seats and springs by step instructions and!. It done pipe cutter, remove the top of the body turning but never releases the! It came from and they helped me out so much for this post was made very water... Moen faucets which are 19 years old out how to remove because it was damaged! Moen puller filters, cartridges and other parts at no charge and now job!

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