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Please email us at or leave voicemail at 510-274-1872. IEPE, mV/G, or pC/G charge output Honeywell subminiature piezoelectric accelerometers provide highly accurate and reliable data output in an extremely small low profile footprint for usage in tight spaces with limited clearances. $909.20 Subminiature and Miniature Compression Load Cells Designed for applications with minimum space and high capacity loads, rugged all stainless steel construction and high performance strain gages assure superior linearity and stability. This unit is designed to be mounted on a smooth, flat surface. OMEGA’s LC305 and LC315 Series Load Cell is a heavy duty miniature (2" diameter) compression load cell. These load cells are only 1.25" in diameter and as little as approximately 0.3" high. Due to their robust composition, this line offers a uniquely high accuracy. Each load cell is able to measure the electrical resistance that changes in response to, and proportional of, … 25 kHz or 45 kHz. The LRM200 is an extension of the LSB200 family featured with male threads for additional installation option. Loadstar Sensors, Inc. makes miniature load cells in a variety of custom sizes and shapes, which can be designed for different load capacities. The high performance strain gauges assure superior linearity and stability. The iLoad Flex - flexible load cell - is available in diameters as small as 0.1" and could be as low as just 0.1" in height! These units are available in tension or compression operation and in a variety of ranges. Our facility produces them in several shapes and sizes. Some force measurement applications need load cells that can fit into tiny spaces. Rugged and versatile, miniature load cells from tecsis LP are constructed of high grade stainless steel and the low profile design makes them insensitive to lateral and side forces. Miniature Load Cells FUTEK has an extensive array of miniature load cells for measurements in both tension and compression. Custom, low profile load cell sensors can be miniature to fit small space application parameters Miniature Load Cells Transducer Techniques offers a variety of miniature load cells that fit in applications where space is limited but a rugged load cell is required. Model DTC: Miniature Load Cell Our model DTC is a high capacity, miniature, compression load cell. A signature product in the miniature Load Cell Series and is capable of servicing numerous applications and is used industry wide. Miniature load cells has very small dimensions and sturdy consctruction, and these load cells are made of stainless steel. The GSO series load cell is a great solution for application ranging from 10 to 1000 grams in tension or compression with low deflection and a high frequency response. Since it is made of polymeric materials, creep and hystersis play an important role in determining the accuracy of the device. This load cell is ideal for measuring relative forces/loads in tiny spaces and for applications such as touch sensing for robotic grippers. In particular, the miniature load cell produces around 4mv/v output and is a full bridge strain gauge design. Its low profile and compact size make it ideal for limited space or portable applications. Copyright © 2019 Loadstar Sensors, 48521 Warm Springs Blvd., Suite 308, Fremont, CA 94539 (510) 274-1872. Each model offers multiple options for the inside diameters. Contact us for any product-related questions. Compression load cells from tecsis LP offer the ideal combination of performance, accuracy, and size to match the requirements of your load and force measurement application. Although Load Button Load Cells are traditionally not known for their high accuracy, FUTEK engineers have dispelled this concept by continuously improving the performance of this product. The LC307 is also available in metric configurations, with 0-1 to 0-500 kN ranges. For such applications, Loadstar sensors offers an unmatched range of miniature load cells and subminiature load cells. Variations include a type of miniature tension and miniature compression load cell. They … LC305 models have a cable connection and LC315 Models have a twist lock connector on the body. Its 10,000 Ω Wheatstone bridge offers extremely low power consumption for extended battery life in portable products. Load Cells Here at Interface we manufacture more than 60 different types of load cells and interface Mini's™. Relative non-linearity: ≤ ±0.15 % F.S. With a broad capacity range of 10 grams to 100 lb., the LSB200 is able to measure both tensile and compression forces. © 1998–2020 FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. In particular, the miniature load cell produces around 4mv/v output and is a full bridge strain gauge design. This load cell is capable of servicing numerous applications industry wide where protection from liquids is required. However, it differs in one important respect - the Mini outputs a square wave whose frequency is proportional to the applied load. LRM200 S-Beam Jr. Load Cell with Male Threads. Our button load cells are built to the highest quality, featuring variable low profile and small diameter designs for easy integration into application machinery. They have ±0.2% or better linearity in capacities from 2.2 to 1,000 lbf. Its small size and low profile make it ideal for test benches, prototype structures and industrial weighing applications. These miniature load cells are suitable for weight measurement in applications where space is limited: industry computerization, automation, cable testing, pneumatic and hydraulic controls. Load Cell Product Finder An engineer can set up several iLoad Mini or iLoad Flex load cells on one wireless network. Some variants are designed specifically for cost in mind however, can be supplied in small volumes if required. We have seen many customers mistakenly inquire about a miniature load cell, over a more capable sensor, for an application that a miniature load cell is not necessary. This ultra thin load cell is one of the tiniest load cells available in the world today! The fundamental output of this load cell is frequency - but when combined with our DQ-1000 or DQ-4000 interface devices - they output calibrated force/load/weight information via a USB connector. Measuring range: 2.5 N ... 100 kN. This model has led to the development of a submersible version as well. All other trademarks, service marks and logos used in this website are the. Model LCB200 is a Rod End Load Cell (Tension/Compression) designed for applications involving Inline Actuators or Hydraulic Jacks with Male/Female Threads. These models are highly accurate, rugged miniature load cells. All Rights Reserved. We have capacities ranging from 1 lbf / 500 gf to 2 million lbf / 9,000 kN. Subminiature Load Cells Lightweight, low-profile amplified piezoelectric accelerometers. These miniature load cell are accessible in different models, sizes, memories, feeding, and features depending on the requirements. Some examples of this include - measuring pressure exerted by a person's finger on a mobile media device such as the iPhone or iPad, a medical device that needs to measure the pressure applied by a syringe pump on the piston or the force exerted by surgical cutting tool as the surgeon applies force on a blade. With a diameter of 0.88”, it is ideal for tight spaces. Both were developed for Off-Center Loading, Press, or Inline compression applications. S215 Miniature Load Cell; The S215 Ultra-Low Profile, Single Point Load Cell is intended for limited space applications requiring accurate and reliable full-scale force measurements (2, 4, 12, and 22 pounds-force). The Model 31 series are Honeywell’s highest accuracy, rugged miniature load cells, designed to measure both tension and compression load forces from 50 grams to up to 10000 lbs or 0.5 N up to 50 kN, with high accuracies of 0.15 to 0.25% full scale. Miniature load cells are small units that can fit into tight areas. The DQ-1000 is a single channel interface device that works with one iLoad Mini load cell. The standard LCB200 Rod End Load Cell model has male/female threads. You can place these precise and efficient miniature load cell at your homes, offices, shops, industries, and even automotive to detect and avoid unnecessary interferences. iLoad Mini - Miniature Load Cells with Analog and/or Digital Readouts These load cells are only 1.25" in diameter and as little as approximately 0.3" high. The loading surface of these load cells is slightly convex for accurate load distribution. High Accuracy, 0.75" to 1" Diameter, Miniature Inline Load Cells LCFD. The LCA305 Column Miniature Load Cell is offered in 17-4PH Stainless Steel in 7,500 to 10,000 lbs, with a raised surface radius to lower the possibility of off center loading. One of FUTEK’s most popular models, the LSB200 S-Beam Jr. Load Cell has revolutionized miniature load cell tension compression design within the test and measurement industry. Most have mV/V output as standard however options are available for amplified voltage output, configurable from the data sheets. FUTEK's Load Column (Canister) type Load Cells are a perfect fit for high capacity measurements. FUTEK has an extensive array of miniature load cells for measurements in both tension and compression. Loadstar Sensors iLoad Mini load cell is based on the same Capacitive Technology as the iLoad and iLoad Pro load cells. The LPM 530 is a precision miniature force cell which measures both tension and compression load forces of 50 grams to 10,000 pounds. Miniature tension and compression load cell. It is one of many specialized load cells meant for a specific function, including donut load cells, beam load cells and button load cells. Model MTFS Miniature Tension Load Cell is a small sized tension load cell that is available in capacity ranges from 1 kN to 100 kN (224.8 to 22.5K lbf). The MIN800 miniature tension and compression load cell from Stellar Technology offers maximum load ranges of 100lbs, 250lbs, 500lbs and 1000lbs with accuracy of ±0.25% BFSL. FUTEK provides a wide range of In-line type Load Cells built for Endurance, Off-Center Loading, Press, or In-line applications. During operation, the signal from each unit can be sent to a wireless hub, which then interfaces with the computer. Miniature thru-hole and donut variations are also available. Miniature load cells are small units that can fit into tight areas. From here, the engineers can gather data from each unit and take the required readings using our LoadVUE-1000 or LoadVUE-4000 load cell software which allows users to log and plot the data as well as tranmsit it to mobile devices via email or SMS messages. Miniature Load Cells (Mini) Our miniature load cells and button force sensors are intelligently designed and precision machined to be as small as possible. FUTEK offers miniature load cell models in a submersible option for subsea application needs. Miniature Load Cells Miniature load cells come in a number of configurations and are available in compression or tension – or both – or can be configured as ‘through-hole’ load washers. Due to the "Shelter at Home" policy announced by the San Francisco Bay Area governments, we are open but working from home. You can try out our standard products and if needed, contact us for customizing it for your needs. Miniature Compression Load Cells Very small loadcells for compression and/or universal use. Mini & Micro Load Cells In A Variety of Sizes & Capacities Standard SMD load cell sensor designs are available in a wide range of capacities, from milligrams to 5,000 Kg — with many models offering built-in overload protection via deflection stops. Honeywell miniature load cells are designed to fit into systems with limited space or tight clearances. Available in different capacities, they can be used for both tension and compression applications. In addition to its miniature form, unique design features such as the strain relief cable and raised spherical surface to offset side moments make these sensors an outstanding option for industrial applications. Please see the LCM307 for complete details, or contact our Pressure department for more information.. burster TEDS optionally available It is one of many specialized load cells meant for a specific function, including donut load cells, beam load cells, and button load cells. LCFD tension and compression load cells have high accuracy and are ideal for industrial applications. Similar to the LSB200, the LRM200 model offers miniature size, accuracy, overload protection and the assurance of a lifetime warranty. Temperature compensation is achieved through a miniature circuit board in the load cell’s cable. Miniature Load Cells Full line of lightweight subminiature pressure transducers with a flush mount, low profile design & flush diaphragm for extremely small spaces. FUTEK’s Column Miniature Load Cell offers an impressive compact design for high capacity applications. Direction of force: Tension and compression. The LSB200 offers a perfect mixture of size, accuracy, overload protection and the assurance of a lifetime warranty. Miniature load cells are generally recommended when the smallest size and weight of the sensor is required. The range includes a number of button load cells, miniature s-beam and press force sensors. The In-Line Load Cell series als offers high accuracy and high stiffness and can be used for measurements in both Tension and Compression. The LSB210 is a Submersible Jr. S-Beam Load Cell in FUTEK's Load Cell Series. Built using alloy steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, our miniature load cells work well in most environments. With a collective capacity range from 10 grams to 20,000 pounds of force, these load cells are fit for applications requiring high precision and high endurance. Most load cell applications have size restraints in regards to the size of the load cell that can be used. The Thru Hole (Donut) Load Cell Series features 5 distinct models built for In-Line compression applications. This miniature straight bar load cell (sometimes called a strain gauge) can translate up to 500g of pressure (force) into an electrical signal. This section illustrates Applied Measurements’ range of miniature load cells and miniature force transducers, designed to be used where space is at a premium. FUTEK's Load Button Load Cells include Subminiature and Miniature designs. The ISA and ISB are miniature s-beam sensors used for measuring tension and compression. The DQ-4000 allows one to hook up to four iLoad Mini load cells and read individual and total from all connected load cells. With a collective capacity range from 10 grams to 20,000 pounds of force, these load cells are fit for applications requiring high precision and high endurance. Micro load cells are available in many different types, and are suitable for multiple applications. Miniature Load Cells are designed for applications with minimum space and high capacity loads. Model LPM 530’s welded, stainless steel construction utilizes a “triple stack” design to … These load cells can output data in ASCII format via a virtual COM port at up to 150 Hz and can go as high as 500 hz with a high-speed upgrade. Whilst miniature load cells tend to have lower capacities than their larger counterparts, we can produce relatively small devices with capacities of 100 tonnes or more on request.

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