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Mengenai tankmate, seperti jenis ikan Gabus lainnya, Channa Pulchra tidak suka ada tankmate. 5:52. Believed to reach 20-25cm/8-10. Report. Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes) > Perciformes (Perch-likes) > Channidae (Snakeheads) Etymology: Channa: Greek, channe, -es = an anchovy (Ref. Britz, R. (2007). Jual beli online aman dan nyaman hanya di … Channa Pulchra The Pretty Pea Snakehead You ... snakehead facts aquarium talks on twitter the blue walking snakehead fish can orange spotted snakehead wikipedia channa sp meghalaya leopard snakehead fish in the spotlight channa bleheri rainbow snakehead seriously fish. Channa tend to be aggressive to one another. 59153): Low to moderate vulnerability (26 of 100) . Believed to reach 20-25cm/8-10. Info. The max. Ichthyol. Channa Blue Pulchra. Company Registered in England no. Water parameters : Temperature 22-28˚C / 72-82˚F; pH 6-7.5 Aquarium setup : Channa stewartii (Golden Snakehead) should be kept in an aquarium with slow moving water and some plants. Cari produk Hiasan Aquarium lainnya di Tokopedia. The head is also speckled with the same black dots, but lacks the orange patches. Keep the water temperature fairly low: 20-22C/68-72F will do nicely. Size: Unconfirmed as this is a new species. In that time, and despite the vast range of species I’ve kept, worked with and bred, I’ve still barely begun my fishkeeping journey. Origin: Kyeintali Chaung, southern Rakhine State, Myanmar. It lives togeher with other species c. Channa aurantimaculata is a medium sixed snakehead that grows 40 cm maximum. C. pulchra is closely related to C. ornatipinnis and C. stiktos. Request Price. channa ornatipinnis penulis distribusi dan habitat ikan ini datang dari wilayah yang sama dengan channa pulchra,hanya beda bukit saja, … Mahamaya Hiko Channa Pulchra Profil Dan Cara Pemeliharaan Also keep a lookout for the other new channa species. Daal Channa with Karelay Fry (Bitter Guard with yellow lentils) Shaista's Cooking. According to Pascal Antler, they are non-mouthbrooding cave breeders. Common Name: ornate snakehead/blue snakehead/burmese spotted snakehead Scientific Name: Channa ornatipinnis Family: Channidae Origin: Southern Irrawaddy and Sitang River basins Myanmar Maximum Size: 30cm/12inches....Reports of bigger have been heard Care: Temperature: sub tropical around 18c-25c Tank mate: Very aggresive, will not tolerate members of its own kind in small spaces , … Adult colouration: They have a grayish body colour speckled with numerous black dots and orange patches. Maximum size: the specimens are generally found to have a maximum size of 20-30 cm. Channa: from the Latin channe, used to refer to an unspecified species of sea perch. Water: Channa pulchra prefers water with a pH around 6.5 although it s very likely they can handle values above 7 and below 6 just as well, knowing Myanmar s water composition, although, to my knowledge, pH levels below 6 cannot be found in Myanmar. They manage to escape out of the most unimaginable, tiniest holes. Size: Unconfirmed as this is a new species. It may take up to 10 working days (except holidays and weekends) before this order is shipped. Channa auranimaculata golden cobra snakehead paul jones. The pectoral fins usually have four semicircular white bands. Maximum size: 25-30 cm Environment: freshwater , subtropis 18-22 c' ph 7.6-8 Origin: myanmar Temperament: Aggressive. Channa pulchra. Channa pulchra is becoming more widely available and several uk shops already have them listed. Selamat Pagi Sahabat KLSS Channarium Racunn Japp Orcha size 8-9-10cm Orcha adalah Ornatipinnis wikwikwikwik dengan Pulchra The minimum order quantity (MOQ) rules are applied for this product. 75135). Company: Channa stewartii (Golden Snakehead) should not be kept with fish smaller than 2/3 of the species size. Availability: Channa pulchra is becoming more widely available and several UK shops already have them listed. In addition; the spots in the dorsal fin and marking on the body are completely random and do not form a way to differentiate sexes. [1][3][4][5], Although it has been referred to as a dwarf snakehead,[2] it can reach a total length of up to 30 cm (12 in).

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