lavender plant in the philippines

There's a lot of people looking where to buy castile soaps in the Philippines. Hi any update about your lavender project? Tremendous things here. :), Hi. I dont know if its because it is a certain kind/specie of lavender or because it didnt have that much sunlight. Look for a commercial … It is pretty scary seeing them turn brown one after the other. Amy. How's your lavender farm dream going? :), Hi Maya! Just plain silly! I've too been to a couple of garden shows where they are selling "lavender", some with flowers already in bloom but the problem here in the Philippines is that sometimes our gardeners will name plants according to what they look like. Blend a tablespoon of lime into soil to give it more of an alkaline edge. I hope your lavender survives. Because he loves to play in our garden all the time. More than 50% of the leaves suddenly began to grow limp and a few days later, they just went brown. From what I have learned from Manong (and my mom) there are fertilizers available in the market infused with chemicals that make plants bloom (including those in spray bottles which are intended for orchids). Lavender likes the sun. Thank you and God Bless always. I leave it outside and dont really bother it that much even if it always rain in the afternoon here. Add your Lavender plant and fill the pot with soil within a couple of inches of the top. This allows roots to re-establish and your lavender plant to overcome the stress/shock of replanting with minimum impact on its growth. I really hope that people in the Philippines could plants a lavender in their backyard, garden so it would be less trouble for Dengue desease .mosquitos and even flies are keep away by lavender plants. Anybody here who wants a packet of lavender seeds from UK? Hi Maya! Protect the roots from too much water. (2 cm) above the soil. Dried lavender is great in sachets for scenting clothes and linens, in pillows, etc. Thanks for finally writing about >"Growing Lavender in the Philippines"

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