who played bambi and thumper in diamonds are forever

The seventh James Bond movie. One of the most notable moments is 007’s clash with femme fatales Bambi and Thumper, played by Lola Larson and Trina Parks. Tiffany Case frequently finds herself bewildered by the web of lies and oddities that 007 weaves around her. 1: Moon Buggy Ride Site Map | Help | Add to favorites To get full access to the site e.g. He told me, ''I want to meet the person who is going to beat me up''. The assassins were originally conceived as men, however director Guy Hamilton changed his mind after watching the US … On the James Bond: Licence to Podcast, Australian hosts Andrew and Tim revealed that they felt compelled to mention the legendary foes. Diamonds Are Forever is the soundtrack by John Barry for the seventh James Bond film of the same name. Bond is pitted against his old enemy Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who seeks to destroy Washington DC with a space laser fuelled by diamonds and then hold the world to ransom. In the meantime, Blofeld abducts Case. James Bond femme fatales Bambi (right) and Thumper, are played by Lola Larson and Trina Parks (Image: GETTY) It was bombshell news that left James Bond fans shaken and stirred - a woman will take over the famous 007 code name in the next movie. Their names are references to Bambi.The two are bodyguards who prevent anyone from seeing the reclusive Willard Whyte. Price: $7.95. Diamonds Are Forever (1971) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Parks did not have to wait too long before meeting heartthrob Connery, however. Now, a new podcast has revealed that two of the British spy’s most worthy adversaries were never given credit for their portrayals. He told me, ''I want to meet the person who is going to beat me up''. It was just nice to see him. Price $2.40 The legendary Palm Springs Elrod House, prominently featured in the 1971 James Bond extravaganza “Diamonds Are Forever,” is in escrow and about to be sold, according to online listings. There is a predisposition to dumping women in the … Bond encounters Bambi and Thumper On this day in 1971 shooting began on Bambi (Lola Larson) and Thumper’s (Trina Parks) fight with Bond (Sean Connery) in Diamonds Are Forever . They ask Bond what they can do for him, and he smirks that he can think of several things. Speaking from her New York home, Parks said: 'Lashana is a great actress, but I don't really agree with her becoming 007. Download Bond Meets Bambi And Thumper mp3 – Diamonds Are Forever of Soundtrack - Various Artists - MP3fiesta.com. 'I knew that Bond movies were successful, but I cannot lie I did not know who Sean Connery was. Agent 007 saves the world from Blofeld's space laser, and bikini-clad amazons Bambi and Thumper. Great value. They referred to the final parts of their clash, where, after “kicking the c***” out of Bond, they force him into a pool. Stats. Part of a duo alongside Thumper, Bond encounters these duo at Willard Whyte’s house in Las Vegas.. Acting as Whyte’s captors, Bambi and Thumper use their athletic and gymnastic skills in a … Diamonds Are Forever is a 1971 spy film, the seventh in the James Bond series produced by Eon Productions.It is the sixth and final Eon film to star Sean Connery, who returned to the role as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond, having declined to reprise the role in On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969).. Runtime. She added that she would love to make a return to the next Bond movie. The spy flick, which was the Scottish star’s penultimate 007 film, went on to […] 'I think that there are lots of movies already where you have a woman taking center stage, defeating men - and I like that. James Bond: Diamonds Are Forever (1971) - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. Yet, 'tis true! Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. Discount: -20%; Release date: 2003; Duration: 74:27; Size, Mb: 172.88; Format: MP3, 320 kbps. Earlier this year Craig insisted 'everybody should be considered' in casting as the next Bond, 'for women and for African Americans, there should be great parts anyway, across the board. He added: “Imagine that you’re an assassin and you're kicking the c*** out of this guy and you know... he can’t do anything, he’s not at your level.”.

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