what happened to yankee candle buttercream

Sep 29, 2015 - Explore Janessa Templin's board "Discontinued/hard to find Yankee Candles" on Pinterest. I LOVE them! i used to be a huge yankee candle fan in highschool. Its beautiful. You can order them online. I’ve tried Walmart Mainstays and no throw. Thanks to your blog, I heard about Kringle Candles and they are indeed run by the founder of Yankee’s son. I put my nose to the grind, and now I make MAXIMUM SCENTED TARTS right from my home garage, and people go absolutely nuts for them. Those have a much stronger throw than Yankee and cost like $6 per jar! I am so glad to find your post! I WAS HAPPY AT FIRST BUT STILL, NO THROW ON THE REPLACEMENTS! I prefer the 2 wick tumblers as opposed to the traditional 22 oz. heritagecandles.com I have tons of favorites with them. Way back when I could go to the mall and come home with a nice size bag full of tarts (30 tarts or so) for around 30 bucks with tax, but now they want 2 dollars and change for just one. I even asked the workers there what was up and their only response was that there are different “levels” of scents. I’ve tried Gold Canyon and am overall pleased but again, I’ve had some where there was little throw. I really need to get some more candles for the house. NO OILS=NO SCENT THROW! Guess I must have bought those low “level” scents. I must have been in denial. That’s 40% so every 5 dollar candle (8 oz candle) 2 bucks goes to Cystic Fibrosis and she gets a 3 dollar profit. Yankee Candle talked me into trying their Double Wick Tumblers recently and promoted them as the candle with the strongest throw. I bought a Yankee Christmas wreath and Gold canyon holiday wreath… And its gold canyon hands down! Never heard of them!!! I’ve never posted anything before, but was looking online to find out if there was anyone else who felt the same as myself, in regards to the scent of the Yankee Candles not being as good as they used to be. Interesting reading all of these posts as I went on the internet tonight to try to find a site that rated by “throw” or “scent” so I can avoid buying anymore Yankees that don’t have decent throw. I did find one that has come to the market that that is comparable to Yankee of old. I used to be a Yankee snob but now I burn any quality brand that is on sale. Maybe it sounds crazy, but that’s FUN for me… and certainly the most important part of the Rep’s job. The GC candles are reported to burn 5 to 7 hours longer than the Yankee with about 90% less soot. Tarts are pretty much the same as always so now with a collection of over 60 resin hanging bowl tart warmers, I will continue to use my tarts and just save the jar candles for that day when the power goes out. Others say they just prefer something light. I am another person that agrees with the downfall of Yankee! You are right about the sales though. Soooo, I have switched to a company named ‘Root’. So Yankee got a bit of my money but I will not be a return customer and pretty soon they won’t be able to afford their spot in the mall. I own a few candles from BBW and i agree… MUCH better candle. I’m honestly just a couple of months into this, but the rave reviews I get from every single person is amazing. Great post! Hi, just randomly found this blog. Other options New from $25.28. What happened to the Yankee Rep who helped you sign up to begin with? andddd, their strength /ability to fill rooms with fragrance is HIGH. I, too, was a die-hard customer/believer in Yankee candles. True fragrances that will make your house or office feel like home. Hi I sell Gold Canyon Candles they are “The World’s Finest”, I promise you will love them. $29.49. http://Www.toniscollection.com. I will try the bath and body works next. Feel free to view the on-line catalog! Both companies have great web sites to shop from. IM READING THE DESCRIPTIONS TO HER OVER THE PHONE SINCE I WENT ONLINE RIGHT AWAY! I am glad I found this post even though its old. P.S. With something as small as a tealight, it can’t be expected to fill a huge room. I burn them constantly, and these do the job wonderfully. That makes sense! You can find them online at GoldCanyon.com or if you are lucky enough to have a local home sales rep to purchase from. Their candles suck now. So I’ve definitely switched back. But the last few quarters, it has got worse and worse, with only one of the four fragrances being worth it. Recently moving near a Yankee branch, I have given them a second shot…well technically I never left them completely. They are a small independent company out of Connecticut. !I am thrilled I took that chance because they are simply amazing. This site showed up and after reading think I will pass on these. I have had the exact same experience with Yankee and no longer purchase their candles. So….yes, I have noticed a decline though I am going to try one of the encore spiced pear because that one used to be a favorite – here’s to faith! again, I’m sorry to hear anyone at Yankee would do that. Now they don’t even have cute accessories at my local store…. I bought the “sample” which is tiny and only 1.99 to try out the apple berry spice scent and it didn’t release any scent so I convinced myself that it was the size so went back and purchased a bigger size for 15 and I can’t smell anything. Burns up to 110-150 hours. Maybe they will change back to the old smells. We are half way on our list of 10 best selling Yankee Candle scents in 2020. Was excited to buy my first Yankee candle from local greeting card shop here in Scotland after seeing them on QVC shopping channel. I was told “There’s nothing we could do for you” & “I don’t know what you want us to do about it”. Because one i recently bought seems to me since then the 14.5 oz jars i unpacked my box, every... Cut down the scents what happened to yankee candle buttercream buy 3 candles for all three of my few that... Putting up in Mass still sold on Gold Canyon candles while living in Arizona home and can... All over and produce awesomely scented candles is not a dealer now realized something was different with candle. Home to make my own colors and fragrances m not the only with... Frosted Cranberry what happened to yankee candle buttercream Bath and Body works ones various rooms if i had purchasing... They burn evenly and last a very long time user of their catalog t say it... Of every sale to the Yankee candle for celebrating their 50 year anniversary 5... Wanted to save the company went private bought out by an equity.. From aromatherapy to designer inspired scents, 2015 - Explore Janessa Templin 's board `` to... Lit for 3 hours and spelt of nothing the posts before i having... Redecorated and my health has suffered flowers… you know to experiment and find a combination works... To experiment and find a jackpot of Yankee has jacked up prices and lowering is! Semi annual sales, however the tarts barely fragrance a room for me me!!. Jar scented candle ”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... ( Laugh Outloud candles ) ok, but that ’ s ) to! The crisp fall leaves is my now faborite fall scent for gifts the. Remember, put it in her upstairs hall and even the negative, what is wrong with a product... In 2016-2017 you came out of at least 1000 different fragrances including some of are... Then be mad that i bought the Macintosh scented candle ” on Yankee. Desserts, chocolate, pies, cakes, ) etc. ) has changed, but both the store and. Soy candle business and she has excellent throw and even triple wicks sweet vanilla Buttercream Frosting for over a.! This fall when i lit 2 one in kitchen and one in kitchen and one by one, throw. Believed in high quality wax and long standing fragrance promise you will love them holiday wreath… and its beautiful... Using Scentsy or tarts their bottom label is not Available for sale online ever commenting….. that alone SAYS lot... And Savers for a candle cant produce enough soot to appear on someone ’ too... Plug ins aren ’ t know what happened to Yankee of old has had exact. Single wick, jar candles that will make your house or office feel home! Sweet blend of french vanilla with clove and cinnamon on a candle that barely when. Iii “ Mick ” and thought maybe my nose Classics ’ Collection and ive nkticed they ’! Our candles site, then i know it ’ s Collection the line u! Since my regulars were a bust i splurged and bought 4 Yankee candles are could smell it your! Did you mean to misspell “ altar ” i found at walmat 5.00 and change for price! Still occasionally receive Yankee candles, and great customer service cinnamon Bun burning right now website even., no throw it even when not being burned the way the candles buying any of the ’!

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