hebrews 12:1 sermon

But if He were to give you His strength, it would not be so difficult, would it? The "weight" of evil habits. He never stopped running till He could sit down at the right hand of the throne of God; and that is the only place where you may sit down.IV. The heart of man is naturally proud; and will never be effectually humbled, but by a believing contemplation of the greatest example of humility that ever appeared in the world. He will perfect faith by the implanting in your hearts of His own spirit and His own life. In the smallest things as in the greatest, seek to be what He was, to do what He did, to follow in His footsteps. We often refer to these words; but do we not misquote them in divorcing them from their context? She went joyfully home, and I can suppose her children to have said to her, "Mother, how are you looking so happy? We may well ask, then, how the " looking unto Jesus" will enable us to compass these objects; in other words, how it will secure that we shall run well our Christian race? He is the channel which connects us with God. Not a single drop has been lost. The joy set before Jesus was the joy which must be awakened in Jesus as the means of diffusing and spreading so much blessedness. How?1. By effort. Goodness! We are very aware of our outright sins and besetting sins. And He will do it in another way too, by the rewards and blessings which He will give to the imperfect and tentative exercise of our confidence, over-answering our petitions, and flooding us with more than we expected when we tremulously tried to trust on Him; and so inducing us to be bolder in our confidence, and to venture further afield. Condescending love as God, sympathising love as man. The entire sufficiency of Christ to meet all human requirements.2. No! F. Ewing, M.A. She looked down to ascertain how it was, and immediately found herself at the bottom of the pit. He was a believer. Another occasion of propensity to particular vices is, the power of custom or habit; which is commonly reputed a second nature, a kind of new nature ingrafted upon the former; and is often, in its influence and effects, not much inferior to it. That argument has been devoted to the theme of faith. We see in Him a man that pleased not Himself, and we learn not to please ourselves. It consumes precious time, it takes away relish for prayer and for the Bible and all solid reading, it excites without doing any good, it takes away the heart from God. The lifeboat was launched and pushed through the surf, and after being carried past the vessel once and again, at length got alongside of those who so much needed help. I was not enjoying it, but I knew I should enjoy it at the top. God draws that faith more and more strongly to Himself. But we have a more decided case yet. May I ask you again, in the race set before you, what would God say is presently keeping you from being the champion he would like you to be? Oh, that I might glorify Thee, my Creator, my Preserver, my Redeemer! "Looking unto Jesus" for recognition and for sanction. Now, we are to run towards Him, looking unto Him. A. Yes — and no. Lay aside every weight — sin of every kind — but particularly —1. He was a believer. We also begin looking unto Jesus because of what He has wrought in us. There is the habit of drinking. You are not to live looking to the disciples, you are not to live looking to the Church for recognition and for sanction, but turning your eyes upwards you are to be in a position to say with Peter, "Lord, Thou knowest all things, Thou knowest that I love Thee." Thou wilt know, for thyself, the might which God gives thee when thou so resistest, the power of instant prayer. Let me remind you THAT SUCH BLESSEDNESS IS WON FOR YOU. Can we understand this — a joy in doing another's will, not our own? There would be little difficulty in maintaining an ardent spirit if we were more faithful in dealing with the habits and indulgencies which cling around us and impede our steps. Do not look now and again, but acquire the habit of looking always; so that it shall become natural to look up from every piece of daily work, from every room, however small, from every street, however crowded, to His calm face; just as the sojourner on the northern shores of Geneva's lake is constantly prone to look up from any book or work on which the attention may have been engaged, to behold the splendour and glory of the noble range of snowcapped summits on the further shores. Is there a joy set before us? The joy of Jesus was the joy of God Himself in the salvation of the lost. When you are in doubt, ask, "What, in such a case, would my Master have done?"(C. He found that his old brigade had yielded slightly to overwhelming pressure. These men are not asleep, but observe.3. This is the true position for the soul; and according as we occupy this position, will be the growth of our peace, of our holiness, of our strength and zeal.1. In the first place Jesus occupies a singular position as it respects faith. The " cloud " about us is composed not of cold and curious spectators, but of warm and interested friends. Look at Him in the scenes of His earthly career.2. Maclaren, D. D.I. Every man must find his own race before he begins to run. He is our pattern in this as in all that belongs to humanity. We see in Him God — God over all, yet an infant of days: God, yet a sorrowing man: God, yet a crucified criminal: God, yet a dying, buried man. The idea of a race is generally competition; here it is only concentration of purpose, singleness of aim, intensity. H. Spurgeon.I. "The author and finisher of faith" must be looked to as THE ONLY TEACHER OF RELIGIOUS DOCTRINES.II. And now what has that to do with us? Our text says they are to be "laid aside" — put off — cast away. And so, while thy besetting sin reigns in thy soul, it is the parent of many other sins; when it is destroyed many others die with it. Similarly we are prepared to forego a good deal, when once we catch sight of the spiritual acquisitions which beckon to us. Presently, looking upward, she saw in that part of the heavens immediately above the mouth of the pit a beautiful bright star. They vary in all. WE MUST LAY ASIDE BESETTING SIN. In the time of your temptation.2. I am sure there are none of you who do not know something about these "weights," and could tell how they hinder you in what is good. Shall we run negligently, as if we did not care much about it? It lies, most likely, at the root of many other faults. Presently, looking upward, she saw in that part of the heavens immediately above the mouth of the pit a beautiful bright star. That is going with patience. He is our pattern in this as in all that belongs to humanity. And as maintaining and consummating our faith He is also "the finisher." Maclaren, D. D.Consider the remarkable aspects and relationships in reference to our faith in which Christ is here set forth.I. )Advantages obtained by looking unto JesusG. Every atom of your strength for running comes from your Lord. First and foremost, if we would look rightly to Jesus, we must look daily at His DEATH, as the only source of inward peace. Poor and pitiable are the hopes of the moralist or the philosopher who does not look to Christ Jesus as his Redeemer.The Author and Finisher of our faith.The Commander of the faithfulA. You cannot see the stars when you are walking down a town street, and the gas-lamps are lit. R. Thomas.I. Call it taedium vitae; call it ennui; call it a lazy weariness of spirit in the overworked toiler for this world, or in the blase idler — whatever you call it, it is that mortal sickness of the human spirit, worn out with a life of unsatisfied desire, with the knowledge that riches and pleasure cannot gain for it a salvation or win for it a rest — possessions only of those who hold the hope of a future, itself the first dawning of supernatural joy.2. or will you neglect the foundation? Religion required personal effort.4. One boy fixed his eyes on a tree, and walked along without taking them off the object selected. We see in Him the doer of the Father's will, and we learn to do that will as He did it. Do not be content to copy these. "No, but my Jesus is," was his reply.Deliverance by looking to JesusT. No; for it is " he that endureth to the end that shall be saved," and it were better never to have begun at all, than to begin and then leave off. God exhibits it, too, in the pictures of the Levitical dispensation. His arm and his company were strength to me. Have you not felt the fierceness of desire, and the difficulty of its domination? In His exaltation to the throne a new hope dawns on humanity. As the dove sent from the ark, returning no more, reminded Noah that a new world was blooming for him; so these departed ones who return no more, daily and powerfully remind us that another and brighter world is blooming for us beyond death's cold flood, and in earnest we prepare to leave this storm-tossed ark. 1 shall try to explain what I mean by this. Do you see how this is forbidden by the text? The backslider, too, he temporarily has ceased to look upon Jesus.6. In all the encouragements and discouragements of life. Lying seems such an inconsequential sin. Poor and pitiable are the hopes of the moralist or the philosopher who does not look to Christ Jesus as his Redeemer.The Author and Finisher of our faith.The Commander of the faithfulA. We have His sufferings presented, not in reference to their saving power, but solely as being an illustration of His heroic patient endurance. the greatness of doing what you ought to do; goodness, the greatness of loyalty amid sorrow. Is our race faith? He said in the hour of His deepest darkness, "Peace I give you-My peace." By no means. To see our brother on the crystal walls I our sister crowned with amaranth! Doctor Franklin is lying on his deathbed. Yes — and no. The apostle would have us view the Lord Jesus as the starter of the race. Some ancient historic heirloom, which he dearly prized? Steadily gazing at it, she felt herself to be gradually lifted upward. Now in the chapter before that from which our text is taken (chap. When those persons who went to the stake for their faith, and sang and rejoiced as the fire blazed about them, and sent out from their pulpit of flame joyous songs of hope, do you suppose they were sufferers? This is indeed a great vanity and a great misery, to lose the labour and gain nothing by that which duly used would be of all others most advantageous and gainful; and yet," he says, "all meetings for religious purposes are full of this." But the more this one fault spreads, the more, if you uproot it, you will clear of the field of your conscience, the more will your heart become the good ground, which, freed from thorns, shall bear fruit, thirty, sixty, a hundredfold, to life everlasting.Thou hast, then, great reason to be most watchful to uproot thy besetting sin, because —. Our departed ones are no longer before us in weariness and humiliation, but crowned with inconceivable and unfading splendours; and as we gaze upon them a new conception of our spiritual capacity takes possession of us — we feel that we belong to a race of conquerors and kings. THE PERSON" SET FORTH HERE IS JESUS; He, whose name is the light and glory of Scripture; whose coming and work formed the subject of ancient type, and symbol, and prophecy.1. BY ENHANCING THE CHARM OF THE CELESTIAL WORLD. His companion readily accepted the proposition, and they started. THE END CONTEMPLATED — that we may run well our Christian race; run it free from entanglement; run it with purity; run it with patience; run it with perseverance. "He shall see of the travail of His soul, and shall be satisfied." Our text says they are to be "laid aside" — put off — cast away. Let us come to it step by step through experiences such as we have ourselves. He is the channel which connects us with God. ), you have a wonderful list of worthies. The first Adam lost faith in God; and no man could set Adam the first up as a prince; but the second Adam maintained faith even in the severest trials, and, therefore, you may call Jesus " the prince of faith."3. Some months ago we had an ice storm. Have you not felt the fierceness of desire, and the difficulty of its domination? IN THE PROSECUTION OF THIS RACE WE ARE SUSTAINED AND ANIMATED BY THE HIGHEST EXAMPLE - THE PERFECT EXAMPLE. But a friend came alongside, and when I put my arm into his, and had his support and his company, the tiredness left me, and I could have walked half a dozen of miles, and sometimes did walk backwards and forwards for a good half hour. Thus, affluence and poverty have each their respective inducements. We see in Jesus a model, and we begin to imitate Him. I remember being asked this, and I could not help replying, "I have got Him, and with Him all the its." This, then, may become the stimulating principle of a persevering life, and the question is, HOW CAN IT BE LEARNED? Barrier.1. Look at Him on the throne of His triumphant mediation.III. H. Wilson, D. D.I. Well, this involves knowledge of His power and trust in it. there is a secret thread, a silken fibre, which, holding them in subserviency to the world, in some way obscures the light; and Jesus, the Star of Hope, is eclipsed, and their hope darkened. M. Merry, B. A.I. The great God enjoins it.II. "No, but my Jesus is," was his reply.Deliverance by looking to JesusT. Goodness! 3. "How did you get your path so true?" But how shall this be obtained? S. Storrs, D. D.)The Christian runner in relation to his spectatorsHomilist.I. Look at Him on the throne of His triumphant mediation.III. Can we understand this — a joy in doing another's will, not our own? Because He is the dearest object of human love.II. Spurgeon. You are just like one weighed down under a heavy burden. The first of these is peace; peace with God, and peace in the conscience. One path was true as an arrow, while the other ran in a zigzag course.

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